Yay for Crystal Castles clones


Jun 14 2010, 16h41

I wish there were more music similar to CC, HR, YLHCSD and Kap Bambino. These four seem to be the only bands in the world that perform in the genre (which doesn't even have a universally accepted name). I see no problem with CC cloning at all - PLZ MOAR!

Crystal Castles
You Love Her Coz She's Dead
Kap Bambino

[In response to hateful comments some of which I had to delete: I am full aware that each one of these bands has a unique sound and some people may think they sound nothing like each other. Nevertheless I think it is reliable to say they all belong to the same genre. The term "CC clone" bears no negative connotation for me and in my interpretation simply means music that sounds closely similar to CC. I am not using it to degrade said bands or hurt anyone's feelings.

Also, yes I know KP came out before CC.]

Update July 10: I've discovered I Haunt Wizards, who remind me of Crystal Castles' early works. But they're pretty decent in their own right and I highly recommend them to anyone who's into the above-mentioned bands.

Edit: 09/22/11:
Gary War sounds a lot like the above-mentioned bands, I highly recommend them!

Also, the new YLHCSD stuff sucks shit.


  • TheFeasting

    HeartsRevolution is nothing like CC, again, they also didn't steal some of their music. fucking genres, how do they work?

    Jun 16 2010, 17h02
  • EvilCat312

    Ну уж тогда и первый альбом Dandi Wind записать. А вообще надо сменить термин "clone" на какой-нибудь более описывающий то что ты имеешь ввиду )

    Jun 29 2010, 17h25
  • imsok00l

    @ EvilCat312 This is of course my subjective opinion but I don't think any of Dandi Wind's albums or songs can be classified as belonging to this genre. And the reason I chose the word 'clone' is because of all the people who use it disparagingly, as in "HR/YLHCSD are just CC clones!" - and even if they are, for me there's nothing wrong with that.

    Jun 30 2010, 18h12
  • danwramrich

    I Haunt Wizards is pretty good

    Jul 15 2010, 1h40
  • sailoralekx

    Yeah, these are all kinda starting a unite genre. I do love Crystal Castles the best though. In my opinion, I feel like out of all these bands, they are the most multi-layered as far as content, lyrics, feel, meaning, emotionality, and texture of music.

    Ago 16 2010, 18h48
  • deedeedecept

    I think "Crystal Castles Clones" is a great name for this genre. Nice one!

    Ago 18 2010, 15h06
  • mayustarr

    CC are pionners so I don't mind but I like better these bands :)

    Ago 20 2010, 20h41
  • YouthViolence

    Accurate tag. I approve of this. None of the bands have CC's depth though, but most bands don't.

    Ago 21 2010, 16h38
  • internetbot

    the clones are pretty good and crystal castles are the kings

    Ago 23 2010, 1h11
  • morsch

    After listening to CC non-stop for days, I started listening to Dubmood. He's a chiptune artist, but his mixes are kinda electro-punk (tbh they're all over the place); it often ends up being similar to CCs first album. Check out http://www.dataairlines.net/djsets/dubmood-live-at-blip-festival-new-york-2008/ for example. I'm only now starting to check out HEARTSREVOLUTION and YLHCSD...

    Out 5 2010, 14h47
  • helostcontroll

    I loooove CC, but Kap are still the best :)

    Dez 8 2010, 11h27
  • missfelix

    ^ iawtc

    Jan 18 2011, 8h07
  • kiss_andmakeup

    Kap Bambino started first. I do love cc and kap, but I think that CC it's a dissolved copy of kap.

    Jan 29 2011, 21h27
  • Canysha


    Mar 31 2012, 12h46
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