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Sobre mim

Things you can contact me through :
Aim? Facebook? Gmail? Tumblr? Hotmail? Skype? Oovoo? Cellular device? Kik? Textplus? Absolutely! Message me for any?:]
<3 Love ya'! Buh baiz!

This made my day XDDDDD^

My ♥ Poem:
"Fire and Ice"
Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've taste of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had perish twice,
I think I know enough to hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
[I am bound to wear it... This dismal shade must seperate me from the world.]

"The breath I take after I kill you, will be the first breath of my life" - Riso. Ninja Assasain * - *

You taught my heart, a sence I never knew I had. I can't forget, the times that I was lost and depressed from the awful truth. How do you do it? You're my heroine

-My Heroine by Silverstein ♥

Hey guis!
I sorta' had one before this one and it was grawr_its_me so if I add you and like misteriously know your name, don't freak out, 'cause its just me! Haha.I'm really random.There's a batman sticker I found!! *Starts singin' the 'Batman theme song'* Dunununununnnn... BATMAN!! Urmm haha.... Let's see what else I like... Oh yeah!! I like any kinda' music really. Whatever suits my mood. Urmm what else.. Oh yea! I live in the middle of NOWHERE! It's the worst place ever. There's literally more cattle then people in my town. Yes I am surrounded by a bunch of hicks. It fucken' sucks. I like to have lots of fun. But when I have to be serious, you don't wanna fuck with me. I'm a very likeable person. My friends say that I'm the shiest, most secretive and quite person out of any of my friends. I'mma vegetarian. Yes you can eat meat in front of me. I don't like to flaunt it out. So don't make a big ass deal about it. I'm a skater, surfer (not the best >.<') wakeboarder, and snowboarder. I'm in 2 bands :D In the one I'm a screamist and a lead gutairtist and in the other, I'm a bassist and back up vocals ^~^! I'mma real gamer! I play PS1, PS2, PS3, xBox,xBox36O, old school Nintendo, Wii, and basiclly anything and everything :3 Message me if you wanna' know my gamertag/psn name.(:

People ask me why I'm so sad all the time, why my heart aches everyday, what I do to myself and I just cry. People pick on me for being myself. I'm my own person. Don't fuck with my heart if you know what I'm capable of doing to myself. When I tell you 'I love you', I truely mean it. Not like some of these bitches. Then, when the bitches fuck with our heart and come crawling back to me, you now know how I felt when did that same stupid fucken' shit to me. I don't want to be second best. I'm a walking corpse. I have no soul. I have no mind. I have nothing to live for anymore.
Pssst... This is what Pokemone I am... Shout me and tell me if you think it's true or not(:

And the second one! Tell me what one is more me! :3

Pssst! Get at my big brother<3 :3

People I most care about/ are awesome: :3

Surrender_xx, Maria. Holy fuck. Where do I begin? She's basically fucken' amazing and all that cumtastic jizz. Add her and you won't regret it! Ever. I mean it. So you know what to do. Go and search her up, add her as a friend, and start talking to her because she's funny as fuck! And she can do stand up. ;D

HeMont : Hector is probably the funniest, coolest guy I have met! He's extremely chill and like the coolest to talk to. We gotta' love the randomness in our convos. :3

SammiSuffocation : Sammi well she's been there and listened to me when no one else would. She is so sweet and nice!! If you send her a frend request you won't regret it!

emmure_10 : Becca! Haha I swear. She's my twin and we got seperated at birth! We are S0 dorky when we start talkin'!! Haha I think its pretty funny!! :D Some how we ALWAYS make each other laugh one way or another!

Ampaddict4life : Tyler. He is my world conquering buddy.! We share our master-mind plans with each other and each other only.! So don't try and get in on it, or we might send the evil flying potatoes on you. >:D He's super funny and always seems to make me die laughing at one point. . . But don't tell him that. XD He's really chill and fun to talk to as well. Look him up, start talking with him, but DO NOT take my place. :3

Sleepy1233 : Jack he meens a lot to me... hes sweet hes funny hes fun he awesum hes an idiot... AT TIMES!!! (we all are so don't denie it!!!) i helpin him thru a break up n i rlly wunna c him get better!!

AlienSpaceDisco : Jenny SHE MAH TWIN!!! We like almost the same exact bands, are as random as each other, sorta/not really look alike, and even tho i like just met her tewday (1.29.11), she's like THA BESTEST BUDDEH EBBBBER!!!!! ^_^

ShannSixx : Shannon :D She's my best friend. She absolutely alway understands what I'm going through. I love her like my own sister. Just a little side note. . . You fuck with her, and I just might have to murder you on the spot with a potatoe peeler and some Jack. But then I wouldn't want you to die quickly, so I'd give you a few painkillers. :3 Just saying. LOVE YA CHICADEE.!!! ♥

carryxoxo - Katie. Literally my twin. Not gonna lie to ya' 'bout that. We already love the same things. Sexy tatts and peircings. ♥

You wanna' be up there? Then you gotta' be awesome!! Harharhar. ;D

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