soundtrack to a picnic

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Faixa Duração
1 Get Well SoonI Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed Me Loved track 6:39
2 Melissa FerrickDrive Loved track 6:33
3 PortisheadAll Mine Loved track 4:00
4 She Wants RevengeTear You Apart Loved track 4:44
5 Great Lake SwimmersThere Is a Light Loved track 5:07
6 Claude DebussyClair de lune Loved track 5:13
7 CéuLenda 4:18
8 Kristofer ÅströmJust another lovesong Loved track 3:08
9 AirSexy Boy Loved track 4:57
10 AirPlayground Love 3:32
11 Nina GordonTonight and the Rest of My Life Loved track 5:13
12 SpiritualizedLadies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space Loved track 3:40
13 StatelessBloodstream Loved track 5:11
14 My Bloody ValentineSometimes Loved track 5:18
15 Frédéric ChopinNocturne in C# minor Loved track 3:41
16 The ShiversBeauty Loved track 3:30
17 Auf Der MaurI Need I Want I Will" (Contains Hidden Tracks "Skit" and "Taste You French Version) 12:10
18 Cheap TimeToo Late 2:14

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