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Ago 2 2009, 16h39

Put your iTunes/Winamp/Windows Media Player/whatever on Shuffle and list the next thirty songs that come up. No cheating to make yourself look cool!

1. Empty Inbetween by Tegan and Sara
2. Snow Drums by Piano Magic
3. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Sleater-Kinney
4. Dance With Me by Adam Green
5. Monday Monday Monday by Tegan and Sara
6. I Know by Placebo
7. Faces by The Bravery
8. Mr. Tough by Yo La Tengo
9. Your Worst is the Best by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
10. Your Love by Tegan and Sara (.. i'm starting to see a pattern here!)
11. Don't Die in Me by Mirah
12. Indie Rokkers by MGMT
13. Lucky Number Nine by Moldy Peaches
14. I Like Fucking by Bikini Kill
15. The Man With Two Brains by The Rentals (... not quite tns, but still!?!)
16. Humming by Portishead
17. Little Sister by Siouxsie and the Banshees
18. Sweetie by Le Tigre
19. Listen Up by The Gossip
20. We Get On by Kate Nash
21. Girls In The Back by White Rose Movement
22. You Bring Me Down by Blood Red Shoes
23. Colours in Waves (UNKLE Reconstruction) by South
24. No One Would Riot for Less by Bright Eyes
25. Some Are Lakes by Land of Talk
26. One for the Shareholder by Maria Taylor
27. Lover I Don't Have to Love (Demo) by Bright Eyes
28. Sour Cherry by The Kills
29. The Needle Has Landed by Neko Case
30. Dark Come Soon by Tegan and Sara


1. Which song do you prefer, ..1 or ..30? one.

2. Have you ever listened to ..12 continuously on repeat?
Loadsss of times :]

3. What album is ..26 from?
It’s called “11:11”

4. What do you think about the artist who did ..15?
They're pretty awesome :) I prefer Weezer, though.

5. Is ..19 one of your favorite songs?
Not really. I like the song, a lot, but if it's one of my favorites? Nah.

6. Who does ..28 remind you of?
I don't have any big memories with this song, heh.

7. Does ..20 have better lyrics or music?
It's hard to say, really. Both brings such an amaging ambience.

8. Do any of your friends like ..3?
Myeah, a few. :]

9. Is ..23 from a movie soundtrack?
heh, iiii'd be surprised if it is.

10. Is ..18 overplayed on the radio?
I have never heard Le Tigre on the radio, so i doubt it.

11. What does ..21 remind you of?
Last summer. :)

12. Which do you prefer, ..5 or ..22?
5! Oh my god. First of all - I LOOOOVE Tegan and Sara. Second - this song brings up some good and darling memories.. :)

13. What album is ..17 from?
"Superstition".. one of the best albums, ever.

14. When did you first hear ..19?
A few years back, I think was the first time I heard it.

15. What genre is ..8?
Flatout indierock.

16. What is your favourite lyric from ...3?
“i wanna be your joey ramone. pictures of me on your bedroom door. invite you back after the show. i'm the queen of rock and roll."

17. What colour does ..4 remind you of?
Green... obviously.

18. Have you ever blasted ..11 on your stereo?
Haha, not that I can think of.

19. What genre is ..7?
errrr. i think it's catagorized as post-punk revival.

20. Can you play ..13 on any instrument?
Just learned to play it on my guitar! Yay me.

21. What is your favorite lyric from ..30?
“So what, I lied I lied to me too
Hold out for the ones you know will love you
Hide out from the ones you know will love you
You, you too
.... Dark you can't come soon enough for me”

22. What is your favorite lyric from ..23?
" Street lights fading
Cuts my heart
Knowing that the time is past
Comes in waves that don't belong
To me they're silent."

23. Would you recommend ..24 to your friends?
Actually, I recommend this song, a lot. Even to strangers, lol. The lyrics.. amazing. The music.. breathtaking. Pure Conor.

24. Is ..2 a good song to dance to?
No, not really. It just isn't danceable.

25. Do you ever hear ..16 on the radio?
erhhh, i HAVE heard Portishead on the radio before, but i don't think i've heard this particular song, no.

26. Is ..22 more of a nighttime or daytime song?
It's a day and night song.

27. Does ..16 have any special meaning to you?
Most songs from Portishead are special to me.... lol.

28. Do any of your friends like ..1?
haha..hah..ah. well, yeah. i'm guessing all of my tns-addicted friends like it.

29. Is ..25 a fast or slow song?
Kinda fast.

30. Is ..5 a happy or sad song?
Well.. it's not happy, but to makes me happy, sooo.

31. What is one of your favorite lyrics from ..9?
"If i ever forget
It was never so perfect
Such a boring story told
You make me feel so old
But confident "

32. Is ..14 better to listen to alone or with friends?

33. When did you first hear ..27?
uh, when was it? 2002?.. 2003? something like that.

34. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did ..29?
Hold On, Hold On - Pretty Girls - Star Witness.

35. Do you know all the words to ..6?
I happen to do so, yeah!

36. Does ..28 have better lyrics or music?
Hate this question. One wouldn't work without the other.. but.. ohwell. the lyrics.

37. What album is ..10 from?


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