The Top 10's *surprised* =o


Set 9 2007, 18h34

1) The All-American Rejects
First Song Heard: Dirty Little Secret
Fell In Love With: Dirty Little Secret
Current Favorite: 11:11 p.m.

2) Aly & AJ
First Song Heard: Do You Believe in Magic
Fell In Love With: Collapsed
Current Favorite: Closure

3) Breaking Benjamin
First Song Heard: So Cold
Fell In Love With: Firefly
Current Favorite: Breath

4) Avril Lavigne
First Song Heard: Complicated
Fell In Love With: Sk8er Boi
Current Favorite: Runaway

5) Hilary Duff
First Song Heard: Come Clean
Fell In Love With: The Math
Current Favorite: Never Stop

6) Papa Roach
First Song Heard: Getting Away With Murder
Fell In Love With: Blood(Empty Promises)
Current Favorite: No More Secrets

7) The Cheetah Girls
First Song Heard: Strut
Fell In Love With: The Party's Just Begun
Current Favorite: So Bring It On

8) Ashlee Simpson
First Song Heard: Pieces of Me
Fell In Love With: La La
Current Favorite: Eyes Wide Open

9) Fall Out Boy
First Song Heard: Dance, Dance
Fell In Love With: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"
Current Favorite: Bang The Doldrums

10) ayumi hamasaki
First Song Heard: SURREAL
Fell In Love With: Blue Bird
Current Favorite: Duty


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