• dad

    Ago 26 2007, 5h45

    i miss you dad. if someone would assure me that if i were to die, i would be with you again, i would do it. life has become even more meaningless, even more lonely, and i don't think i can feel anything anymore. why did you leave me? :(
  • it is not sick

    Jul 31 2007, 5h47

    it is not sick (and please stop trying to convince me otherwise) to listen to The White Stripes all day long. it's not sick to breathe in and out all day long, so how could it be wrong to just listen to one band. ok, perhaps the analogy isn't the best, but i do feel like that. if you ask me one of my top moments of the day is when i get to my desk at work, hurrying up all the hi's and howdy's to my co-workers, turning on my computer and opening up foobar, to find my White Stripes list just waiting for me to click on 'play'. and then Jimmy the Exploder starts and the day is just better after the first sounds of meg's drums. it calms me down, and makes me... simply happy.
    don't you just love that feeling? you know what is coming, but it feels like the first time. and everytime, and please do not think that i'm exagerating because i'm not, and everytime it keeps getting better and better.
    so do not tell me it is sick to listen to one band the entire day. do not tell me it is boring. do not ask me for explanations. it is beyond words. if you can't feel it, how can I make you see?
  • absolut love

    Jul 27 2007, 6h44

    so, I absolutely love the white stripes. this love i'm not afraid to admit, is fairly new. even though the first track i've listened from the was You're Pretty Good Looking, i didn't realize that i loved them until White Blood Cells came out. since then, i've been a self proclaimed addict. and damn proud of it of course.
    now that some years have gone by since the first track i've listened, i can't help but regret not listening more of them back in those days. not that there's much i can do about that...
    but now it's actually beyond me, i need to listen to meg's lovely drums, jack's passionate guitar, and of course... daily falling in love and experiencing the maginificent lyrics that jack writes and performs in a matter that leaves me lost for words.
    i do love other bands, like american analog set and oasis but nothing compares to what the white stripes make me feel... and i'm forever thankful to the internet for allowing me to know them. for someone with no real friends, they defenitely fill the void, and they make my day turn from blue to bright red, black and white.