Anticipating Dizzee Rascal—Maths and English (2007)


Abr 4 2007, 6h20

I'll save my fuller thoughts on Dizzee Rascal's previous albums for my review of Maths and English, but to summarize: 2003's largely self-produced Boy in da Corner was stellar, but the more varied 2004 follow-up Showtime was less gripping, less immediate.

Now we're entering the orbit of Maths and English's June 4th release date. So far, I'm excited. First we saw a video of Dizzee performing a track called "The Industry." It's like Dream but without the charm; perhaps useful and, strictly speaking, inspired, but also not at all interesting.

Then there was a low-quality mp3 of a live performance of "Wasteman." Good flow, slightly flat delivery; though Jay-Z has also sometimes sounded flatter live than on wax. From what you can make out of the music, it sounds edgy and not too claustrophobic. Good enough.

Then a song called "Pussy'ole" leaked via Diplo. It uses the same sample as It Takes Two. I figured this was the track's death warrant: somewhere deep down, I still think Dizzee should be rapping over the hardest, grimiest beats out there. But this track, which adds synths and sirens to the sample, works well. Given Dizzee's inevitable departure from his original "Dizzee rhymes on Dizzee beats" formula, this track is significant: alongside Dream and Lucky Star, it shows that Dizzee can really work on a variety of tracks.

Finally, we have a video for the first single, "Sirens," off the upcoming album.

This is exactly what we want from you, Dizzee: hot flow, killer beats, adventurous videos, likeability, crossover potential. Keep it coming.

A track-by-track review of the new album is available here.


  • beezer_b

    That video is sickness. This album is a definite.

    Abr 4 2007, 16h53
  • alexbergauer

    Yes... The single is incredible. Best Dizzee song yet for my money. But both Pussyhole and especially The Industry are good too. Here's hoping for a stellar album.

    Abr 6 2007, 13h44
  • MSC11

    everything ive heard from his new album has been fucking spot on. its going to be special.

    Abr 13 2007, 11h48
  • alexbergauer

    Sorry, the album is almost a disaster from my point of view. Sirens is still top notch and will most likely finish in the top 10 songs this year, if not top 5. Pussyhole and The Industry are good too, but what can you say about Where Da G's, Wanna Be or Suk My Dick, three of the worst songs I've heard this year. It's uneven as hell and most of the other songs, with the possible exception of Da' Feelin, are terrible. Huge disappointment. Check out the Pharoahe Monch's Desire for a much better listen.

    Jul 15 2007, 13h55
  • illya23b

    Yeah…Sirens is still ace, but it feels different from the other album songs. I like Where's Da G's for the UGK verses, but Dizzee's is not really listenable. I actually think Suk My Dick is pretty funny—in pieces it evokes Timbaland and Eminem, I'm sad about Flex / Bubbles, Dizzee's taken his flow and intelligence down a level, put in simpler beats, and hasn't really come up with a stripper anthem or a drinking anthem, it just sounds tired. I quite like Excuse Me Please, I think it's in the old tradition of Dizzee's flow being boring but still putting together a laid-back song with redeeming music and lyrics. But yeah, I was waiting for at least a couple gems beyond Sirens and Pussyhole, but they're not really here. Really looking forward to getting the Pharoahe Monch—hopefully I'll get into that this week. Thanks for the rec.

    Jul 16 2007, 16h45
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