Shawn Chrystopher...??


Jan 14 2012, 20h23

My music taste has changed quite a lot since my last blog on I've began to fall in love with rap and hip-hop music more and more over the last few years. One person in particular for me who has stood out was Kid Cudi. After hearing the mixtape a KiD named CuDi I instantly fell in love with his lyricism and honesty on his records.

The production on that mixtape was phenomenal in itself too. Since that mixtape i've come across a lot of other artists who I have grown to love also, but only recently I came across a new artist who I personally think is going to hit the charts hard over the next 18 months. His name is Shawn Chrystopher.

I downloaded only one of his mixtapes, Silent Films for the Blind and it is a fantastic effort in my opinion. It just brought me back to that day i first listened to 'A Kid Named Cudi'. Again I think that the album is very raw, honest, and timed quite well throughout.

The standout tracks for me were:

Name On My Heart
Champion (feat. Mann & Ashley)

As far as I know he's got 4 or 5 other mixtapes floating around online, which i'm sure are probably just as brilliant as 'Silent Films for the Blind'.

Im just interested to see what the opinion is about this guy!!

Tell me what you think!

Kanye West
Wiz Khalifa
Snoop Dogg
50 Cent
Professor Green
Lupe Fiasco


  • DannyBaxter

    Shawn is such a great musician, honest lyrics, intelligent metaphors and great word play

    Jan 20 2012, 12h49
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