Chasing Lights!!!!!!!!!!!


Out 24 2008, 21h34

I bought The Saturdays debut album 'Chasing Lights' today, and all I can say is 'Woah!'.

Every single song on the album is fantastic. An album full of electro-pop gems, each of which would be a secure choice as a third single. Every song has a catchy hook, with rememberable chorus's, which is exactly what you want on a pop album.

Highlights of the album would definitly be:

Work (10/10)
Set Me Off (10/10)
Keep Her (10/10)
If This Is Love (10/10)
Up (10/10)

Anyone who likes The Saturdays even just a tiny little bit, buy this album because you will love it. Anyone who likes the new direction Christina Aguilera is going, you will love this album, and anyone who loves absolutely brilliant pop music, buy this album.

'Chasing Lights' is in my opinion the best album I have purchased this year, and I have bought a lot of cd's this year, lol!

The album is OUT NOW in Ireland,
and will be released Next MONDAY 27th OCTOBER in the UK.

The Saturdays
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
Katy Perry
Girls Aloud


  • deathbyglitter

    I love this album! Up is amazinggg

    Out 26 2008, 17h39
  • Emi_lia

    I love it too :)

    Nov 1 2008, 15h46
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