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Set 22 2007, 15h25

Today I've felt so incredibly good about seeing Indochine at Main Square Festival almost three months ago.

I've listened to the Paradize-album for four hours now, singed along, sat on the floor and smiled. Later on the evening I might have to listen few songs from the Alice & June-album, and piano-version of 3è sexe, and maybe watch Stef II (on 363-DVD).

I have the all the rights in the world to be happy about that gig. (my girlfriend is angsting about it, because she wasn't there.)


  • Marmith

    You're right! Indochine is sooo wonderful! i could listen to them for months!

    Dez 6 2007, 14h12
  • ecirtap

    I envy you... Been into them since 1985, but have never seen them live. Kind of didn't follow their releases much after Le Baiser and just recently discovered some of the more recent albums; I am totally impressed! Especially with Alice et June - it is so f***ing AMAZING!!! :-)

    Dez 7 2007, 16h02
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