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Jun 10 2006, 22h38

I did this for my mate Tim (thatoldchestnut), but then I thought I'd post it here too, just because I can.

I think it was a meme, but I've gone and modified it.
I think the deal was to put your MP3 player on shuffle and then post the first ten songs that come up. So I did. And you can tell I was being honest, or I wouldn't have left number 4 in:

01. For You
02. Cambodia
03. Big Space
04. Saviour's Day
05. Honey Man
06. Every Time You Go Away
07. Improv (acoustic)
08. Come as You Are
09. Bad vs Ghostbusters
10. Hustlers & Hardcore

So that was random, but I decided it wasn't really representative of what I tend to listen to. So I give you another random list .
This one is also from iTunes using the shuffle feature, but this time it's shuffled the dynamic playlist I have entitled "Top 100 Most Played".

01. Blood On My Neck From Success
02. Andy, You're a Star
03. This Scene Is Dead
04. Crazy World
05. Cigarette Smoke
06. Fake Tales of San Francisco
07. The Architect
08. My Perfect Cousin
09. Seven Nation Army
10. Somebody Told Me

And then I thought, well that's all well and good but let's take it one step further.
So here's a random shuffle from my "Recently Played" playlist. "Recently" being within the last 7 days. It had 203 songs to choose from, I give you the random 10.

01. Big Takeover (Live acoustic @ Paradiso)
02. Love It When You Call
03. Wasters Game
04. Fallout (Live acoustic @ Paradiso)
05. How High
06. Who Invented These Lists (Live Xfm session)
07. face fit for radio
08. The First Season
09. Somebody Told Me
10. As Can Be

And that last one more or less sums up my listening habits over the last few months.

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