• How to Anti-Troll

    Ago 5 2011, 0h43

    Alright so for a while i've been getting lots of questions about how to go against a troll WITHOUT trolling or ignoring the person trolling you. You could always report it or argue against that, but sometime the staff can be unreliable and aruging against them is EXACTLY what a troll wants you to do, so how do you counter back?

    When you counter back, you need to say it in such a way so that the hurtful comments they say is taken and you counter it back at them without insulting them back. When you do this, SHOW NO EMOTION. Don't show anger or depression of it and don't try to act nice about it either because that wiil intimidate the troll. They want you to get a rise out of it. Half the time they don't even mean what they're saying.

    The result should be a no response from them. When they don't answer that means you've won. Now if you get super sensitive to what people say to you even if they are tormenting you I DON'T RECOMMEND DOING THIS. Instead, just ignore. If trolls don't get to you and you just find them annoying then do this.

    Here is an example:

    "I was going to make fun of you but then I saw how you looked like through your facebook link and realized there is not reason to make fun of you no matter how stupid and hideous you are. "

    "Well of course you don't find me attractive. Last time I checked I had a dick, not a cunt. Then again I can't be surprised considering your taste in music is so bad. Maybe people should be making fun of you."

    "Implying I don't judge guys on their looks even though I already judged you on yours. And lol I don't have good tastes cause I find you to be stupid and hideous? "

    "Of course you don't have good taste. You're going around trolling people calling them stupid because of their looks. Maybe you should be going in the mirror and calling yourself stupid"

    Boom no response!!
  • Best of 2009 + New albums i'm excited for

    Dez 4 2009, 2h22

    I did do an original top 40 of the best and a top 55 but the internet had to suck and I have to start it over so i'm not going to do that. I may do the new albums part later

    Top bands that have made an album or released a single this year (Not in any special order):
    1. Dead By April
    2. Sonic Syndicate
    3. Blessthefall
    4. The Word Alive
    5. Alesana
    6. Greeley Estates
    7. Jonny Craig
    8. Silverstein
    9. Super Junior
    10. Scar Symmetry
    11. Escape the Fate
    12. Greeley Estates
    13. Nickelback
    14. D'espairsray
    15. Killswitch Engage
    16. Isles & Glaciers
    17. In Fear and Faith
    18. The Devil Wears Prada
    19. Brokencyde
    20. Breathe Carolina
    21. Breaking Benjamin
    22. Bring me the Horizon
    23. Justin Bieber
    24. Black Eyed Peas
    25. August Burns Red
    26. After the Burial
    27. Dance Gavin Dance

    Bands i'm looking forward to (needs to be updated):
    Escape the fate
    Falling in Reverse
    Greeley Estates
    Sonic Syndicate
    The Word Alive
    Isles & Glaciers
    Sky Eats airplane
    Bring me the horizon
    Bullet for my valentine
    As I Lay Dying
    Parkway Drive
    Secret and Whisper
    My Chemical Romance
  • Links to Game Challenges

    Ago 27 2009, 23h59

  • Force Ejecting iPod

    Jul 25 2009, 21h40

    If you open the terminal and type df hit return, you will get a list of mounted drives. You want the names that go /dev/... e.g my internal drive is /dev/disk0s3. Then type lsof /dev/disk0s3 and hit return to see what processes are running on that drive. Then you can kill them as appropriate using the activity monitor or by quitting them normally.

    Of course, you can also just try to force eject the thing using hdiutil eject -force /dev/disk0s3.

    hdiutil eject -force /dev/disk1s2
    hdiutil eject -force /dev/disk2s2
    hdiutil eject -force /dev/disk3s2
  • My top 10 favorite genres of music (Updated as of 7/27)

    Jul 25 2009, 17h54

    1. Post-hardcore
    2. Metalcore
    3. Melodic Death Metal
    4. Pop Punk/Powerpop
    5. Pop
    6. Deathcore
    7. Hardcore
    8. Electronica/Techno
    9. Alternative Rock
    10. Visual Kei/Japanese/Korean Music

    This isn't really accurateand I like so much more, but ya.
  • Top 10 Genres of music that I absolutely can't stand

    Jul 25 2009, 17h43

    The following are not in any order

    1. Classic Rock
    2. Screamo
    3. Psychedelic Rock
    4. Folk
    5. Soft Rock
    6. Hair Metal
    7. Old School Punk
    8. Emo
    9. Opera
    10. Blues
  • Youtube Copyright Tutorial

    Jul 24 2009, 20h12


    It takes TIME for your audio to come back. Please stop sending me PMs asking why it isn't there, I even show in the video how it is NOT instant.

    Also, I very rarely check the comments for this video anymore, as they come too fast. If you send me a PM, there's a pretty good chance I will answer. if I DO NOT ANSWER, it means your question is answered in the video or video description.


    Sorry if your videos are getting blocked because of Video copyright claims, I don't think there's anything you can do about it. This only helps if the problem is your AUDIO (music specifically) on your videos.

    For whatever reason, theres no HD. Camtasia studio = fail. If for whatever reason you can't follow what's going on, feel free to download the tutorial.

    This video is for anyone who's having copyright issues on their youtube videos due to music or audio copyrights. This video will NOT help you if a video clip itself within your video is causing the copyright issue.

    If you upload videos with music or other audio, I'm sure you've been hit by a copyright claim, right? Well, pay attention to the video to learn how to get your video's audio back.

    This is the step-by-step process to get your audio back:

    1) Go to "My Videos".
    2) Select "Resolve Copyright" on the video you are having copyright issues with. OR, go to the video itself and choose "resolve copyright" from there.
    3) Scroll down and pick the option "I want to learn more about this dispute process".
    4) Scroll down and pick the option "Take me to the dispute form".
    5) Pick option #2 and PASTE the following statement into the text bar next to it;

    "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

    6) Fill out the rest of the info on the page. Use your REAL name where it asks for it. Choose "Continue" when all information has been filled out.
    7) Scroll down on the next page and select "Submit dispute".

    Within 2-3 minutes your video's audio should be back!

    Occasionally this will not work. Like I said in the video, this copyright covers 99% of copyrighted entertainment (From what I found out at least). Also, this will ONLY apply if you are not making any profit off your videos. If you intend to become a youtube partner, I would not suggest doing this.

    Any questions? Anything to add? Send me a youtube PM.

    Make sure to rate and favorite this video, and tell people about it. This NEEDS to get out there, before some of the best montages and gameplays are taken down by copyrights without their owners knowing how to fix the audio.

    I originally was going to post this a week or two ago, but I wanted to be absolutely sure on what I was doing.

    Still confused on something regarding this video or copyright in general? Download the following file for my in depth FAQ. RTF means "Rich text File" for those who don't know, and it opens using Wordpad and MS word.

    I have not tried this yet but i'm keeping it here just in case.
  • My top 10 favorite post-hardcore bands (Updated as of 7/17)

    Mai 19 2009, 0h31

    The falling bands are not in any order.

    1. Greeley Estates
    2. Blessthefall
    3. Escape the Fate
    4. Secret and Whisper
    5. I Am Ghost
    6. A Skylit Drive
    7. Emarosa
    8. Alesana
    9. Silverstein
    10. Sky Eats Airplane

    I know a ton more that probably would be better than Silverstein and Story of the year, but still all amazing bands check them out when you have a chance. I plan to make more of more genres so stay tuned.