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    Out 9 2006, 2h44

  • The Ghost - We Shall Persist

    Fev 22 2006, 19h51

    The Ghost is a great Chicago-style "hardcore" punk band who I wish I could still see live today. I saw them live a few times a few years ago when I didn't really know their music and they were just opening for The Lawrence Arms, and was impressed every time. I love listening to both albums back to back; I don't think I can say I dislike any of their songs, and the song "We Shall Persist" is the best way to end any punk album.

    Anyways, the main reason I felt I needed to make this post was to make known that there may be a mix-up with "The Ghost" and "Ghost" on I noticed some of the most played songs on the band page had songs that were not by the punk band forementioned. This has been an issue with emusic before, but I suppose ultimately it depends on the mp3 tags.

    And now for MY disappearing act...