My favorite (mostly metal) albums of 2010 - Final list!


Dez 30 2010, 23h55

I am fairly open-minded (as you should be), so expect any genre in here, though metal is definitely my favorite. However, I usually won't bother to review non-metal releases unless it's one of the extremes - really good, or really bad and I feel like trashing it. Though, I'm just realizing that my taste has shifted away from metal even more this year...

This is my final list, containing almost every album I have listened to which came out in 2010. I will not be updating this entry any more unless someone enlightens me to something super-fantastic that came out this year that I missed. I can’t believe 2010 is over already, it seems like yesterday it was new years eve, and now it is tomorrow again. I will likely not do a list like this again next year, its too much work. But it's been fun and a good way to keep track of the excessive amounts of music I like. Perhaps next year just a top 20 and other great ones.

A playlist including one song off each of the top 20 albums and 7 other songs, is up on my blog as of 1/9/11... Go download it (link in my profile)! Songs with an asterisk next to them are on my blog, I will try to get all the top 20 (Except Alex Band due to a complaint) on the blog by the end of January.

Bold albums are a must-listen! Top 20 are in order, rest of categories are alphabetical. " ...disappointment" means albums I could not wait for did not meet or exceed expectations.

Keep in mind, I am rating these albums as a whole, not judging it based on the quality of particular songs. For example, if there are no songs that stand out as good, but the album is a concept album that reveals to me the meaning of life through music, it would probably be #1. Production is a BIG part of my review process as well, it's 2010 so I want my albums to sound futuristic, refined and shiny!

And please comment, either to debate my reviews or to recommend me albums I don't know about!


10.0-9.5 (Top 20)
1. Angra - Aqua (Progressive Power Metal)
2. Revolution Renaissance - Trinity (Power / Progressive Metal ... make sure to get the bonus track off their website!)
3. The Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth (Chip-tune / Shoegaze)
4. Arid - Under The Cold Street Lights (Atmospheric / Alternative Rock)
5. Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer (Hip Hop / Soul)
6. Senmuth - Секененра (Sekenenra) (Symphonic Industrial Metal)
7. Alex Band - We've All Been There (Alternative Rock)
8. Pretty Maids - Pandemonium (Heavy / Power Metal)
9. Mr. Big - What If... (Hard Rock / Hair Metal)
10. Shining - BlackJazz (Blackened Progressive Avant-Garde Jazz Metal Rock... no, really!)
11. Heimataerde - Unwesen (Darkwave / Dark Electro / EBM)
*12. Lantlôs - .neon (Depressive/Suicidal/Atmospheric/Shoegaze Black Metal)
*13. Les Discrets - Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées (Post-Black Metal / Shoegaze)
*14. Sofa Surfers - Blindside (Alternative Rock / Trip-Hop / Downtempo / Chillout / Experimental)
15. Amusement Parks On Fire - Road Eyes (Shoegaze / Post-Rock)
16. Mar De Grises - Streams Inwards (Experimental Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
17. Dexter Freebish - Shine On (Electro Pop / Hard Rock)
*18. Analog Rebellion - Ancient Electrons (Indie / Electronic / Pop / Rock)
*19. Alcest - Écailles de Lune (Post-Black Metal / Shoegaze)
20. Tetsuo Sakurai - Vital World (Bass Virtuoso / Jazz Fusion)

9.4-9.0 (Honorable Mentions)
Alesana - The Emptiness (Post-Hardcore / Screamo)
Agrypnie - 16[485] ("Avant Garde" Black Metal)
Ancient Bards - The Alliance Of The Kings (Female Fronted Power Metal)
The Breathing Process - Odyssey (un) Dead (Symphonic/Electronic Deathcore / Melodic Death Metal)
*Burzum - Belus (Black Metal)
Counterparts - Prophets (Progressive Melodic Hardcore)
Decrepitaph - Beyond The Cursed Tombs (Traditional Death Metal)
Grey Waters - Below the Ever Setting Sun (EP) (Blackened Shoegaze / Emo)
Joe Satriani - Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards (Instrumental Rock / Guitar Virtuoso)
Kalmah - 12 Gauge (Melodic Death Metal)
KHY - Volver a Creer
MindSplit - CHARMED HUMAN ART OF SIGNIFICANCE (Progressive Metal .. really great for being so unknown!)
Nanowar of Steel - Into Gay Pride Ride (Power Metal / Experimental / Parody)
Pay No Respect - Moving On (Hardcore ... another unknown band that doesn't deserve to be)
Rage - Strings To A Web (Power Metal)
Ratt - Infestation (Glam/Heavy Metal)
*Rhapsody of Fire - The Frozen Tears Of Angels (Symphonic Power Metal)
S.A.W. - Young Rebel (Heavy Metal / Metalcore)
VersaEmerge - Fixed at Zero (Female Fronted Alternative Rock)
Wrath of the Weak - Solace (Noise / Ambient Black Metal)

8.9-8.0 (Great)
Abandon All Ships - Geeving (Trance-core... once again I am not making this up)
Agalloch - Marrow Of The Spirit (Atmospheric Black Folk Metal)
Anthriel - The Pathway (Progressive Metal)
Black Sun Aeon - Routa (Doom Death Metal)
Blind Guardian - At The Edge of Time
Christopher Lee - Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross (Epic Symphonic Film Score Metal)
Cold Body Radiation - The Great White Emptiness (Blackened Shoegaze / Post-Black Metal)
Crystal Viper - Legends (Female Fronted Power Metal ... sounds exactly like Dreamaker singer)
Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (Score / Electronic / Dance)
Damn - Forbidden Anger (Traditional/Experimental Death Metal)
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Dimmu Borgir - Abrahadabra (Black Metal)
Dolarhyde - Dolarhyde (Punk)
Dopamine - Dopamine EP (Blackened Shoegaze / Post-Black Metal)
Drudkh - Handful of Stars (Blackened Shoegaze / Post-Black Metal)
Down - Diary Of A Mad Band (Heavy / Stoner Metal)
Enos - Chapter 1 (Atmospheric Stoner Metal)
Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini (Progressive Black Metal)
Everlasting Rain - Everlasting Rain (Modern metal, death and clean female vocals... unknown, check them out!!)
Heaven Shall Burn - Invictus (Iconoclast III) (Melodic Death Metal / Hardcore)
Jorn - Dio (Heavy / Power Metal)
KISKE-SOMERVILLE - Kiske-Somerville (Melodic Metal)
Knights Of The Abyss - The Culling Of Wolves (Metalcore)
Labyrinth - Return To Heaven Denied Pt.II A Midnight Autum's Dream (Power Progressive Metal)
Lissie - Catching a Tiger (Indie Rock)
*Mägo de Oz - Gaia III: Atlantia (Folk Power Metal / Folk Rock)
Nils Patrik Johansson - A Night For Ronnie James Dio (Heavy / Power Metal)
Oathean - Oathean (Melodic Black Metal)
Pain of Salvation - Road Salt One (Progressive / Psychedelic style rock)
Parabelle - Reassembling the Icons
Powerglove - Saturday Morning Apocalypse (Tony Kakko singing Pokemon... oh right Power Metal)
Royal Hunt - X (Progressive Power Metal)
Senmuth - Chambers (Ambient / Atmospheric)
Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age (ANOTHER Ayreon project - Heavy Progressive Metal)
Story of the Year - The Constant (Emo)
Six Magics - Behind The Sorrow (Power Metal)
The Last Days - When The Tomorrow Is a Grey Day (Ambient / Post-Black Metal / Blackened Shoegaze)
The Sun Came Up Upon The Left - And The Dreams So Rich In Color (Atmospheric/Drone/Depressive Black Metal)
Troll - Neo-Satanic Supremacy (Epic Black Metal)
True - Still Life (Spanish-themed Death Metal)
Vincent Diamante - Flower: Original Soundtrack From The Video Game (Atmospheric / Ambient)
Whirling - Faceless Phenomena (Unknown Progressive Black Metal. Give them a try)
*Wilds Forlorn - The Great Loss (Atmospheric Black Metal / Neoclassical)
Wurm - Insomnies (Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal)

7.9-7.0 (Very good)
A Forest of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves of Spring ("Psychedelic" Black Metal)
Abigail Williams - In The Absence Of Light (Black Metal)
Angels & Airwaves - Love (Emo / Post-Punk)
Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony + Angel of Babylon (Symphonic Power Metal Opera)
As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise (Metalcore)
The Birthday Massacre - Pins and needles (Synth / Industrial / Gothic Metal)
Bitter Frost - Bitter Frost (Melodic / Neo-classical / Blackened Power Metal)
Coheed and Cambria - Year Of The Black Rainbow (Progressive Rock / Metal)
Crematory - Infinity (Melodic Death Doom Metal)
*Deep - In Silence Somber Solace (Groove / Black Metal)
Ethereal Blue - Essays in rhyme on passion and ethics (Experimental Black Metal)
Freedom Call - Legend of the Shadowking (Power Metal)
Forgive Me - Last Drop of Life (DSBM)
Iron Fire - Metalmorphosized (Power / Heavy Metal)
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (Heavy Metal)
James LaBrie - Static impulse (Heavy Metal)
Linkin Park - A thousand suns (I don't honestly know. Which I like)
Myrath - Desert Call (Indian-themed Heavy Metal)
Negură Bunget - Maiestrit (Progressive Black Metal)
Nocturnal Depression - The Cult of Negation (DSBM)
Orphaned Land - The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR (Middle-Eastern-themed Progressive Folk Metal)
Ozzy Osbourne - Scream (Heavy / Doom / Alternative Metal)
Phenomena - Blind Faith (Hard Rock with lots of guest vocalists such as Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear))
Red Sparowes - The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer (Instrumental / Post-Rock)
Serj Tankian - Imperfect Harmonies (Symphonic / Experimental Alternative Rock)
Russell Allen & Jorn Lande - The Showdown (Heavy / Melodic Metal)
Sinbreed - When Worlds Collide (Melodic / Heavy / Power Metal)
Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast (Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal)...disappointment
Темнозорь - Haunted Dreamscapes (Pagan / Folk Metal)
Virgin Steele - The Black Light Bacchanalia (Symphonic Power Metal)
Volbeat - Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (Elvis Metal)
Wall of Sleep - When Mountains Roar (Stoner Metal)
Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow (Raw Ambient/Depressive Black Metal) ...disappointment

6.9-6.0 (Good)
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare (Progressive popcore) ...disappointment
Amorphis - Magic & Mayhem - Tales From The Early Years (Death Metal)
Cendres de Haine - Bellum Omium Contra Omnes (Experimental scary black metal that will make you sh*t your pants)
Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void (Melodic Death Metal) ...disappointment
December Peals - People Have Demons (Hard Rock)
Disturbed - Asylum (Alt rock whatever)
Derdian - New Era, Pt. 3: The Apocalypse (Power Metal)
Dream Evil - In the Night (Power Metal)
Edenbridge - Solitaire (Symphonic Female Fronted Metal)Eluveitie - Everything Remains as it Never Was (Melodic Death Metal)
Elvenking - Red Silent Tides (Folk Metal) ...disappointment
Helloween - Unarmed - Best Of - 25th Anniversary (Symphonic Power Metal / Etc.) ...disappointment
Helloween - 7 Sinners (Power Metal) ...disappointment
HIM - Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice (Gothic / Heavy Metal)
Hoarfrost - Nattlig Självmord (Demo) (Ambient / Atmospheric Black Metal)
Ill Niño - Dead New World (Metalcore with a spanish edge)
Kamelot - Poetry for the Poisoned (Power Metal...?)
Krokus - Hoodoo (Traditional Heavy Metal / Hard Rock)
Lower Than Atlantis - Far Q (Melodic Hardcore)
Mekanix - Rise of the Mekanix (Thrash Metal)
Occultus - Inthial (Black Metal)
PlayRadioPlay! - Besides, Nothing (B-Sides And Rarities, 2003-2009) (Electronic / Etc.)
Rhapsody of Fire - The Cold Embrace of Fear
The Roots - How I Got Over (Hip Hop / Rap ... why so many guest singers?) ... disappointment
Scorpions - Sting In The Tail (Traditional Heavy Metal / Hard Rock) ...disappointment
Senmuth - Deathknowledge & Lifeperception (Symphonic Ambient? lol)
Sigh - Scenes From Hell (Experimental Black Metal)
Various - Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings (Acoustic / Blackened Shoegaze) ... disappointment
The Vision Bleak - Set Sail To Mystery (Gothic / Doom Metal) ...disappointment
Tierra Santa - Caminos De Fuego (Straightforward/Traditional Spanish Power Metal)
We Are the Ocean - Cutting Our Teeth (Screamo)

6.0-4.0 (Decent)
1349 - Demonoir (Some kinda demonic black metal)
Alkaline Trio - This Addiction (Punk / Crap) ...disappointment
Astral Doors - Requiem of Time (Heavy Metal) ...disappointment
The Bird and the Bee - Interpreting the Masters Vol. 1 (Pop/Minimalist)
Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky (Celtic / Folk)
Blaze Bayley - Promise And Terror (Heavy / Power Metal)
Everwhere - One by One... Dead (Thrash / Death Metal)
EgoNoir - Reste (Depressive Black Metal)
Daath - Daath (Technical Death Metal)
Danger Angel (traditional hard rock)
Dopefight - Buds (Take one guess as to the genre)
Drunken Bastards - Horns of the Wasted (Thrash Metal)
Folkodia - Battlecry
Fyrnask - Fjorvar Ok Benjar (Ambient Black Metal .. unknown!)
Greeley Estates - No Rain, No Rainbow (Hardcore)
Ihsahn - After (Experimental Black Metal)
Jimmy Eat World - Invented ...disappointment
Lordi - Babez For Breakfast ... disappointment
Nàttsòl - Stemning (Black / Viking Metal)
Orden Ogan - Easton Hope (Epic Melodic Power Metal)
ReinXeed - Majestic (Power Speed Metal) ...disappointment
Setherial - Ekpyrosis (Extreme Black metal or something)
Slash - Slash (Hard Rock)
Swashbuckle - Crime Always Pays… (Pirate Metal / Thrash)
Tarja Turunen - ("Gothic" Metal) ...disappointment
Tarot - Gravity Of Light (Heavy Metal) ...disappointment
Therion - Sitra Ahra (Symphonic Gothic metal)
Valkrja - Contamination (Kinda generic Black Metal)

3.9-0.0 (Burn it to a CD to play Frisbee with)
Apati - Morgondagen Inställd I Brist På Intresse (Black Rock?) ...disappointment
Bifrost - Heidenmetal (Folk / Black Metal)
Black Autumn - (DSBM)
Darkthrone - Circle the wagons (Death Metal)
Dead Channel - Destroyer (hardcore, electronic sounds, and nu-metal?)
DragonForce - Twilight Dementia (Live)
The Decaying - Binary Assault (Experimental Industrial Metal)
Exodus (Death?)
Fear Factory - Mechanize (Very Emo / Mallcore)
Immolation - Majesty And Decay (death metal)
Ignite The Ibex - Ignite The Ibex (Fecal matter)
Nachtmystium - Addicts Black Meddle Pt II (Disco indie pop generic mainstream garbage crap from a former raw brutal depressive black metal band) ...disappointment
Redrum - World De Termination(Thrash Metal)
The Seed - From Nowhere to No One (Thrash Metal)
Unholy Archangel - Obsessed By War
Wolfsmond - III
Envios aceitos
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  • Varkung

    may i ask you in which way you are disappointed by Whom the Moon a Nightsong sings?

    Dez 31 2010, 1h37
  • Gnarblast

    good call on .neon being in your top 20, love that shit

    Dez 31 2010, 3h44
  • hurricane_mario

    Nightsong just bored me, with a few exceptions. Besides it's hard to call it an album when it's a compilation... however it was a major release so it's in here.

    Dez 31 2010, 4h49
  • MATI9630

    Exodus (Death?) < really? Really? What the fuck?

    Dez 31 2010, 18h08
  • Gounouman_hl

    Interesting selection, my friend. Why haven't you listened to Betray-Ed's "Forsaken Fairytales" ? I don't want to be pretentious, but I think you might like it ;)

    Jan 3 2011, 13h17
  • hurricane_mario

    I have heard some betray-ed but it's hard to get my hands on. As for all these people complaining about incorrect genres of albums I didn't like and therefore didn't care about (There were a lot more on previous versions of this journal). Just stop, I don't care!

    Jan 4 2011, 18h06
  • hurricane_mario

    Sorry for double-post journal. My firefox just shows a blank page after I post or delete a journal (but works fine for editing). I saved the one comment on the other journal: "Thor Bear wrote: 3 Jan 2011, 09:00 Abandon All Ships have very little to do with trance music even though they use electronic elements. Geeving is among the worst songs I have heard in a long time. Megawacko2.1 is also horrendous...."

    Jan 4 2011, 22h52
  • hurricane_mario

    And as for that comment - I put them high on the chart because they tried something so unique and pulled it off really well, IMO. And it seems like a constant "sound" through the whole album. Certainly not my favorite genre(s) and certainly not perfect... It's interesting most of the time.

    Jan 4 2011, 23h03
  • MATI9630

    So why the hell would you post this genre 'guessing' thing if you didn't care? What's more amusing, you seem like a person who knows a lot about metal. Therefore normal association for word 'Exodus' would be 'thrash metal'. This isn't even close to death metal, lol And nice to see Rage so high, other than that.

    Jan 7 2011, 12h30
  • hurricane_mario

    Why are you getting so upset because I got a genre wrong. 1) Genres are somewhat subjective. 2) Thrash and Death metal are closely related. 3) I'm destined to get them mixed up as they're probably my 2 least favorite types of metal. 4) I don't like your band, get over it. 5) You probably don't know 80% of whats in this journal, by the sounds of it. 6) Not even sure why I wasted my time explaining it, it probably won't get through to you anyway.

    Jan 8 2011, 5h25
  • innerwille

    thx fir the list! i am going to check out The Depreciation Guild and Shining.

    Jan 8 2011, 10h48
  • MATI9630

    0) I don't get upset. 1) Not in this case. 2) A bit true, but still you wouldn't call metallica death metal, would you? 3) I see. You see, that sentence itself would have been enough, 4) I never said anything about rating, but about your failure. 5) Hm? From the pure name I don't know, hm, 30%? Never heard any tracks by I don't know, 50? (a lot from your top 20 though :S) What the fuck does it have to do with your genre mix-up? Don't even see the point when you can just see tags on 6) Not even sure why I wasted my time explaining it, it probably won't get through to you anyway.

    Jan 8 2011, 22h53
  • hurricane_mario

    lol ok ok forget about it. Metallica is the only thrash metal I've ever liked, and over half their catalog is not thrash metal anyway (but not death >;D).

    Jan 10 2011, 2h09
  • hurricane_mario

    The playlist of songs from the top 20 albums is on my blog. I try to avoid posting direct links in posts, once I did it on a more popular artist and had tons of stuff removed from my blog.

    Jan 10 2011, 2h09
  • MATI9630

    I'll download it maybe later when I find some time... not until weekend for sure :/ And then I'll download most interesting bands from there.

    Jan 10 2011, 22h25
  • hurricane_mario

    Added Ratt album 9.0-9.4 category, in the same vein as Mr. Big, another 80s comeback glam metal band. Fantastic new album, go listen!

    Jan 23 2011, 21h46
  • Coffinwood_Mill

    Interesting list. Also, I finally got around to posting my the Best of Heavy Metal (link), Neofolk / Martial / Neoclassical / Etc. (link) and Indie / Misc. (link) Journals for 2010. If you're willing and can think of anything I might of missed, please post it in the journal and/or include your own list from 2010. Enjoy! :-]

    Mai 2 2011, 9h03
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