On the radio, music coming and I hear Sam Cooke's voice. (Namedropping songs)


Ago 2 2006, 10h12

(Downloads available here.)

How great is this? One amazing male vocalist namechecks other amazing male vocalists which means you get the pleasure of being able to listen to them all!

Wilson Pickett said:
- "in the midnight hour, that's
when my love comes tumbling down."
Solomon Burke said:
- "if you need me, why don't you call me."
James Brown said:
- "when you're tired of what you got, try me."
Gene Chandler said:
- "there's a rainbow in my soul."

Van Morrison // Real Real Gone

Jackie Wilson said
it was 'Reet-Petite',
"kinda love you got
knock me off my feet."

Van Morrison // Jackie Wilson Said (I’m In Heaven When You Smile)

Every song is an instant ear-pleaser. Seriously, when you've got Van the Man's throaty growl, Gene Chandler's sensual-desperate crooning, Jackie Wilson's high energy and infectiously catchy feeling-the-love song, snappy bluesy Wilson Pickett, and the slow dance smoothness of Solomon Burke, I don’t think anybody could actively dislike these songs.

Also, 'Real Real Gone' is one of my favourite songs, and I don’t think I could handle it if anyone didn’t like it. It's wonderful, a mini-tribute to the vocal greats, has some beautiful imagery, and is a gorgeous song about music, love and friendship.

How is music from the fities and sixties (or of that sound) so bloody good?

Edit: Oops, I missed that RRG has the line "on the radio, music coming and i hear Sam Cooke's voice."