Code Black - Episode after the Superbowl


Jan 31 2006, 1h46


In other show news. Sondra Rhimes has been saying that she thinks the Grey's Anatomy post Superbowl slot will be a shot in the arm for the show. She, as well as the network, hope it will bring in some new viewers permanently. I agree, I think next week's ratings are going to surge! Not to mention I hear next week's episode is incredibly GOOD.

The network and the cast are being kept on an incredibly tight leash about "Code Black" (next episode). It is supposed to be one of the best GA episodes ever! That is straight from the creator of the show, as well as the few critics that have been fortunate enough to see it.
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  • fbiluthien

    It was freaking awesome! Though I'm so mad now that we have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to see the next part, the suspense is awful!

    Fev 6 2006, 4h40
  • heiwanani

    i didn't see it! i was waiting until 10 o'clock, and i missed it! i was really upset. Is there anywhere that i could watch it and not have to download it? ahH!

    Fev 7 2006, 16h15
  • gilchrist1984

    It was amazing!! Definatley the best episode! So annoyed i don't have the next one to watch now!

    Fev 7 2006, 20h58
  • Midgetron

    One of the best episodes of a network series I've seen in a while.

    Fev 10 2006, 0h45
  • hotpot

    I just went to watch it on my DVR and it cuts off at the end! Must find end somewhere before tonight's episode.

    Fev 12 2006, 21h29
  • nic3ole17

    just watched the episode on DVD. I ended up getting into greys a yr late but i must say it paid off for this episode.. i got to watch the next episode right away! instant gratification.

    Nov 6 2006, 17h10
  • izzy_xo

    That episode aired over here (UK) a couple of weeks ago. I loved it, one of the best episodes of any US TV show I've seen in a long time. Original as well.

    Abr 22 2007, 14h12
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