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  • phylloxr

    24 dias atrás
  • sendomaho

    ; )

    janeiro 2015
  • amiakuy

    thanks for the accept too :3 woah, nice charts. you're cool

    outubro 2014
  • snowbrigadess

    yess I adore them (: and thank you for accepting me! you have amazing charts.

    setembro 2014
  • Daisuke_Sensei

    hi, yeah i still hear this band, is one of my favourite, they're pure nostalgia ^^, greetings!

    setembro 2014
  • Kumanosuke

    your taste in music *DROOLS*

    agosto 2014
  • floatinglab

    nice!!! i think i'll go listen to the now too ;w; oh my gosh really?? cool! i was obsessed with them back in 2007, then i got into jrock/vk and the rest is history lol i still listen to them sometimes bc nostalgia :3 also sorry for the super late reply owo;;;;

    abril 2014
  • floatinglab

    no problem!! your music taste is SUPERB btw (super compatibility heck yeah) after looking at your charts, i feel like listening to baroque and kannivalism again ahh ; w ;

    março 2014
  • sea-sea

    Happy new year! こちらこそ承認ありがとうございます。あなたのライブラリも素敵な音楽がいっぱいで勉強になります◎ 日本の音楽が好きなんですね!

    janeiro 2014
  • SamuraiSx

    np ~ thanks for accept ^_^ ~ and yeah xD I liked your charts too so I added you x) ~ especially THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT ! I hardlly see these days that someone listen them *o*

    setembro 2013
  • ryukazeee15

    Thank you, I love your music taste so I add you to get more information. Can you recommend me some jap alt.rock/rock? :D

    agosto 2013
  • Ureksa

    thanks, you have pretty sweet taste yourself, gonna add you so I can steal artists off your charts eheheh

    agosto 2013
  • Ureksa

    that logo generator is pretty damn cool, thank you I guess

    agosto 2013
  • PsychoBiitan

    hey, hey, hey~ Not sure you have Buttobipanashi, but I found the download, oh, god YES~ here!!-.html

    junho 2013
  • PsychoBiitan

    neither did I, it's probably gonna float around internet in 3 months, just like the end of teenage did~ The only thing that I found was full PV, ah~ But it sure was great~ ( ´∀`)

    maio 2013
  • PsychoBiitan

    No problem~ I love you music taste~ and your yutaro gif ~(*3*~)

    maio 2013
  • ryuurenn

    oh wow, badass musical taste. :O

    fevereiro 2013
  • forgetmenot

    thanks for accepting the request ^^ haha yea, thought it's nice to have Last FM record all the changes in my music taste

    junho 2012
  • DeConing

    Cool :)

    abril 2012
  • sweetholm

    aww THANK YOU~*~*~~ 8D haha omg i totally understand!! i'm the same way when it comes to birthdays ;~~~; but it's easy to remember yours! haha c:

    novembro 2011
  • sweetholm

    lol hai again!! 8D omg woah, that's pretty cool xD hehe how are you? c:

    outubro 2011
  • skugglikt

    thankyou for the add, and sorry for a terrible long wait on a reply (><)

    agosto 2011
  • Feminism

    So new!

    agosto 2011
  • kyary

    oh hey, you got a new account! 8D woohoo~*~~

    julho 2011
  • HanakoHikari

    thank you for the add!

    julho 2011