• people on find me bands that are like these bands

    Mar 7 2009, 18h06

    1. Evergrey
    2. Vanishing Point
    3. Dreamtone
    4. Eyefear
    5. Blance of Power
  • looking for someone who lives in bartlett, il, usa or elgin, il, usa who wants to be…

    Jan 30 2009, 5h28

    both of my friends + me have started up a progressive metal band that sounds like these bands

    1. Evergrey
    2. Vanishing Point
    3. Dream Theater- only the singing

    the setup that we are doing:

    lead singer- have already
    lead guitar- still looking
    rhythm guitar- have
    bass- have
    keyboards- have
    drums- have

    so far, all we need to have for this band and we are looking for this person:

    A LEAD Guitarist who likes the style of Vanishing Point, Evergrey, and Dream theater, loves progressive metal, knows how to play some heavy metal, and some progressive music, and lives in the Elgin, il, USA area.

    Just so you know, the amps that we have are half-stacks, so the person that we are looking for would want to have one.

    the other most important thing is that we are looking for someone who is under the age of 25, and is not younger than 16.
  • the bands that i like

    Jan 18 2009, 3h34

    the style of music that i like a lot is progressive metal

    if you can help me I like prog metal bands that are like theses three bands:

    1. Evergrey
    2. Vanishing Point all of these three bands combined together
    3. Dream theater

    the set up that i love:

    lead singer- vocals
    Lead Guitar- backup vocals Bass Gutar rythme Guitar
    keyboards drums

    Evergrey, Vanishing Point, Dream Theater