Mandy Moore and my craptacular taste in music.


Abr 14 2006, 8h10

Ok to defend myself and my claimed sexuality I'd first like to point out that I originally played Mandy Moore to piss off a friend, then I decided I maybe liked the song a little and decided to download it... Yea I know not very straight, BUT I AM.
The song of course is Candy

Is it a good song?
Hell no!
Do I like it?
Yes *looks away shamefully*

On the other hand some other recent downloads have been:
24 which is most definitaly a quality song. That, by the way, is heard in the Ultraviolet trailer. It has a very distinct tone that I really do enjoy

The next song that just came on (I'm playing from my recently added collection on iTunes) is haha... wow... Spice Up Your Life I have no excuse for this one, I have terrible taste what can I say?

Spice Girls and Mandy Moore are embarassing, but ya know, we all have our guilty pleasures... now... well... mine are public.

Other recent music

End of the World Great song from the 90s.
White Flag Powerful song about true love, yes it's very poppy, but hell it's not as bad as the Spice Girls.
It's My Life A good Bon Jovi song that I actually thought was made quite recently, but apparently it's an old one. Still a good song.
I'll write more later...


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