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Fev 3 2007, 17h48

This playlist doesn't fit a particular style, per se, but all of these bands speak to a certain musical mood I get into sometimes (a lot of the time actually). The order is by no sort of design, I just separated artists from themselves.

Waiting Room
Freak Scene
Dirty Boots
The Setup
X Marks The Spot: Something Dull Happened Here
Glasgow Mega-Snake
Viet Nam
Bad Penny
Trem Two
Invisible Drugs
'Cross the Breeze
Damaged Goods
Wichita Cathedral
Territorial Pissings
Passing Complexion
Sex is Static(friend's band)

Suggestions, additions, recommendations welcome.


  • 7secondsdead

    Jessica ignore this part: Mattzilla dx: SHIT FUCK DAMN CUNT LICK KILL DIE CHILDREN Sdoodle 323: cause monkets eat turtles btw, interesting list. I didn't know tom's band made music that was worth listening to constantly. The list is connected to songs that aren't there, adding those songs might make the list seem less...i can't think of the word I want to use.

    Fev 13 2007, 1h15
  • heysickah

    I really genuinely like that one song by Tom. That and the one with Imron screaming. It's not my fault LastFM doesn't have those songs. What's with the random AIM snippet?

    Fev 13 2007, 1h57
  • 7secondsdead

    I dunno what lastfm having songs has to do with them not being on the list. The aim snippets has to do with me accidentally typing something into Google desktop when I thought it was Google search engine. All of my old, old aim convos came up and I was like what the hell. Anyhow, I went through some of them, and picked parts that Matt will find entertaining or meaningful(not many have meaning in them). I've hide one a day all over the internet for him to find, because both of us suffer from chronic boredom.

    Fev 14 2007, 21h44
  • YouNeverShould

    nice list. Red... good choice, that's a great song but often overlooked, I think.

    Set 19 2007, 21h56
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