What I got @ Record Store Day 2010


Abr 24 2010, 1h41

This is going to one of my listier blogs, so apologies in advance. I went to The Exclusive Company here in Janesville, after a day shift at my job. This was the first time I have had to work on Record Store Day so I didn't get to be there as the doors open. As a result I missed out on a LOT of the rare swag (no Chronic Town on vinyl for me!) and also at the Exco they fill up bags full of sampler CDs, drink coasters and stuff like that and the first 50-75 people get that as a bonus. Still, even showing up late there was a lot of people milling around, checking out the goods as a DJ spun tunes by the entrance. The actual Record Store Day stuff didn't do a lot for me (I *almost* picked up that Weezer EP for nostalgia's sake and figured that even $6 wasn't worth the investment (sorry, Rivers!) But there were a lot of other neat sales (including 50% off all used CDs! Yes!) and so this is what I brought home. I put down the price I paid for each disc -- after the sales and dicounts were applied -- as well, so that my hypothetical children will know where the $$ for their college education went *wink*. All are in the compact disc format.

Little Brother - LeftBack (NEW $12)
The Jam - a twofer with This Is the Modern World and All Mods Con on it (NEW $12)
The Byrds - Ballad Of Easy Rider reissue (NEW $5)
The Byrds - Fifth Dimension reissue (NEW $5)
Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Sings Newman reissue (NEW $5)
George Carlin - What Am I Doing In New Jersey? (NEW $5)
Radiohead - My Iron Lung EP (yeah, I still have the two-part single from college but part 1 is all scratched to crap and I wanted to hear the acoustic version of Creep that is exclusive to the EP) (used $4)
Del Amitri - The Best Of Del Amitri - Hatful Of Rain (it was packaged in a slipcase with another disc that looked like a B-sides bonus disc but they couldn't find that one and I just took the main disc, at the price I was surprised it would come with a 2nd disc at all) (used $2)
Duncan Sheik - Brighter/Later: A Duncan Sheik Anthology (used $3.50)
The Stills -Without Feathers (used $1.50)
Aceyalone and others - Project Blowed Presents The Good Brothers (used $2)
Jim Gaffigan - Beyond the Pale (used $3.50)
The Red Krayola - God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It (used $3.50)

I also got Metroid Prime for the Gamecube for $2...Gamecube games can be played on the Wii, right?

What's ironic is that a few days later, the wifey and I were at Goodwill looking for good kids' chairs. While we were out of luck there, I found a surprisingly large selection of decent $2 CDs, like stuff from The Cramps, De La Soul and Ani DeFranco. It won't beat the Exclusive Company, but it's nice to see the Goodwill CD section have stuff worth bringing home rather than the usual. You know... several dozen copies of Hootie and the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View, a scattered cross-section of the first seven NOW volumes and disco and/or wedding music compilations.


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