• merry xmas

    Dez 25 2008, 1h01

    best Xmas record ever.

    The waitress's - Christmas wrapping (NOT the spice girls version)
  • feeling all nostaligic today

    Dez 22 2008, 1h02

    have been listening to the usual embarrassing chick rock/pop that I love at this time of night. am feeling all nostalgic about old games I played with old friends, switched to something a little more in set with my mood.

    ah well.. there's always tomorrow, and lotro I suppose. will listen to some blood hound gang tomorrow, always brings a smile to me.
  • hello, new to but....

    Dez 3 2008, 16h19

    i keep a blog over at gaxonline (get to it via my profile link) but ill be sure to post musical thoughts here from time to time,