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Nov 13 2009, 23h28

A work in progress, be patient..
Several tracks on have the wrong streams attached. That means, the track info says Artist X singing song Y, when in fact it's song Z (sometimes by a completely different artist). This is my repository for the tracks that I come across as being wrong while listening to radio. If you have other examples of corrupt or wrongly assigned tracks, there are links at the bottom to groups focusing on these issues.

Gone to California plays Hiccup
Hiccup plays Gone to California
Don't Let Me Get Me plays Do What U Do
Do What U Do plays Don't Let Me Get Me
Dear Diary plays There You Go
Is It Love plays Lonely Girl (also flagged for wrong video).
Eventually plays You Make Me Sick
You Make Me Sick plays Eventually
My Vietnam plays ugly remix of There You Go
Family Portrait plays Private Show
Private Show plays Family Portrait
Sober sometimes plays some horrible remix with mostly techno beats and occasional samplings from the P!nk song. x.x It's dreadful.
Numb plays Let Me Let You Know
Lonely Girl plays Is It Love
**Added** Misery plays Can't Take Me Home
**Added** Can't Take Me Home plays Misery

... probably more, haven't checked all yet (#46).

Neil Sedaka Breaking up Is Hard to Do plays Working In A Coal Mine (Not sure about the artist)
Heather Nova Wicked Game plays Mesmerized
The Diamonds Little Darlin' plays Colbie Caillat Bubbly (Acoustic Version) (I fail at reproducing this, it might have been a temporary glitch, not sure)
**Added** Kelly Clarkson Because of You plays a horrible techno beat remix (eerily similar to the beat for P!nk Sober above...)
**Added** Die Prinzen Deutschland occasionally plays Billy Talent Devil In A Midnight Mass

Tracks with corrupt streams
Tracks with wrong streams
Guidelines for corrections


  • Moonette

    usually Charlie winston is confused with Charlie Wilson in so many songs

    Nov 30 2009, 15h26
  • herzleid

    Have you tried the new correction feature? If you spot/hear a song that is attributed to the wrong artist, you can go to the song's page. In the right hand pane, below the "Recent Activity" list, there is a link "Is this track name wrong or misspelt? Suggest a correction." Clicking that you can enter the correct name of the track and the artist. =) Or tag the track with "mistagged artist" or "wrong track streaming" - there are a few unofficial "official" tags for that sort of thing.

    Dez 2 2009, 5h18
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