Favorite #3: John Mayer: Vultures


Jan 26 2007, 19h03

In a way it feels kind of silly to be picking such a "new" song, but since these are my favorite songs - there are no rules and regulations and so my 3rd song in my favorite song series is by John Mayer and is entitled Vultures from Mayer's solid and satisfying 2006 release, Continuum.

And I know that some people find Mayer schmaltzy. I think it's the backlash to singing a song like "your body is a wonderland" - people immediately brand you and you can never live it down so to speak.

And if you're one of the people who've written off John Mayer, Vultures might just be the song that changes your mind. Let's face it, music is the soundtrack to our lives. I can't remember specific details about a lot of things, but I can remember loving a certain song while driving with a friend in her car. I can remember music that is set to happy times and sad times and the in-between ones too.

For me, Vultures is just that. It's one of those quarterlife songs that simply sums up a moment, or a lot of moments. It's good such a easy groove and like so much of John Mayer's music - it's just damn approachable.

"How did they find me here / What do they want from me / All of these vultures hiding / Right outside my door / I hear them whisperin / They're tryin to ride it out / Cause they've never gone this long / Without a kill before"

Mayer says this song isn't about music industry people and I believe it. Simply because I can use this song to paint a broad stroke across many situations I've been in. Life is hard, sometimes unduly so. But with songs like this, somehow it makes it feel easier because you know that somewhere, someone's been through the same damn thing.

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  • Llapen

    I am admittedly not a mayer fan, but since you were so kind as to print out a verse, i might have to get with this tune--not to mention that i have vultures at my door right now!!

    Jan 27 2007, 2h44
  • Crow74

    To be honest I am still not into John Mayer's latest album. I like a couple of songs, especially Gravity. I just like Heavier Things and Room for Squares better at the moment. Maybe that will change overtime. My taste of music has evolved and changed to all kinds of directions during the last decade, you see... :)

    Abr 23 2007, 22h28
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