Vidulgi OoyoO & DMST @ V-Hall


Fev 23 2010, 17h24

When the time came for Sun 21 Feb – DO-MAKE-SAY-THINK, I was still far too tired from the previous night and sat down in the back as soon as I got in. Expat band One Sparrow Hill opened and did a good job, although I wasn't really able to appreciate it as much as I should've.

After a bit of waiting, Vidulgi OoyoO came out.... Although I kinda enjoyed their album I couldn't quite get into them before, but I had heard that they were pretty awesome live. I had no idea just how much though - that was some wonderful shoegazing throughout their entire set! A couple of times they were doing the drone thing so magically I wouldn't have mind if they'd kept going for hours. Definitely a band I'd recommend catching live, if given the chance.

More waiting and then Canadian band Do Make Say Think came on stage. I've never really listened to them myself, but had decided to come to the show anyway since I heard they were great and figured it'd be a good chance to meet up with icq4ever, that I didn't get around to see during my first visit here.

To be honest DMST didn't impress me that much. Sure they had their moments of perfection, but more often than not their melodies just didn't have enough appeal to live up to their hype and I sometimes felt like they were just playing all at the same time because they could rather than because it made things sound better.

Thanks to Vidulgi OoyoO and the nice company it was worthwhile anyway, though the event could've definitely done without the long time between sets. I was rather happy when it ended, even more so for the delicious chicken that followed.
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