Pick 5 songs from your top ten last.fm artists.


Abr 24 2010, 12h17

This was SO amazingly difficult D:

1. 愛のフレーバー
2. サァカス
3. 例え
4. ヱン
5. ランブルフィッシュ

(2)Michael Jackson
1. Billie Jean
2. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
3. Smooth Criminal
4. Black or White
5. Man in the Mirror

(3)Tanya Stephens
1. What a Day
2. Spilt MIlk
3. Part Time Lover
4. Wuk Fi Gwan
5. Do You Still Care

1. 風と木の歌
2. What a girl can do
3. 愛&lie&wine
4. 朝のまえ
5. みらい

1. Da Bulldog
2. Brand New Day
3. My name is...
4. 波が・・・
5. スーパースター誕生 (Featuring Dry & Heavy)

1. きっと大丈夫
2. Step and Go
3. 君だけを想ってる
4. ハダシの未来
5. 太陽の世界

1. Little Red Corvette
2. Adore
3. I Would Die 4 U
4. Another Lonely Christmas
5. Thieves In The Temple

1. 恋綴魂
2. し、み、め、ゆ、き、さ、あ
3. 夢イズル地
4. 鬼哭啾愀
5. 鬼灯

1. ダメ人間
2. チビ
3. プリズム
4. お手紙
5. リンリンの願い事

(10)Bob Marley & The Wailers
1. Lively Up Yourself
2. Kinky Reggae
3. Want More
4. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
5. War


  • l1brat1on

    (1) Michael Jackson 1. I Wanna Be Where You Are 2. Off the Wall 3. The Lady in My Life 4. Liberian Girl 5. Someone Put Your Hand Out (I love every song by him and this was really difficult for me to decide.) (2) The Jacksons 1. Show You the Way to Go 2. Blame it on the Boogie 3. This Place Hotel (aka Heartbreak Hotel) 4. State of Shock 5. 2300 Jackson Street (I have a lot of favorites by them too which was hard for me to limit to just 5.) (3) The Jackson 5 1. The Love You Save 2. I'll Be There 3. Never Can Say Goodbye 4. Dancing Machine 5. All I Do Is Think of You (This was another tough one.) (4) Janet Jackson 1. Come Give Your Love to Me 2. Don't Stand Another Chance 3. Let's Wait Awhile 4. All for You 5. Rock With U (Wow, another toughy, this is my girl, and I love so many songs by her it is ridiculous.) (5) Aaliyah 1. Back & Forth 2. 4 Page Letter 3. Rock the Boat 4. Come Over 5. I Don't Wanna (She also has a lot of good songs which I had to make another tough decision on.) (6) Drake 1. AM 2 PM 2. Brand New 3. A Night Off 4. Sooner Than Later 5. Its Been a Pleasure (This one was a lot easier since he has a lot of good songs, but these are some of my top favorites from each most played album/mixtape.) (7) Jermaine Jackson 1. Daddy's Home 2. Let's Get Serious 3. Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' (Too Good to Be True) 4. Do What You Do 5.Erucu (I must listen to more of his music because I only have a few favorites by him thus far.) (8) 3T 1. Why 2. Anything 3. Memories 4. Brotherhood 5. 24/7 (These are all from the same album and are pretty much my favorites.) (9) Rebbie Jackson 1. Centipede 2. Fly Away 3. Baby, I'm in Heaven 4. Fly Away 5. Fly Away (I must hear more of her music to really decide, but these are the 5 I could come up with until then.) (10) La Toya Jackson 1. Night Time Lover 2. Night Time Lover 3. Night Time Lover 4. Night Time Lover 5. Night Time Lover (You get the point. This is the only song I heard by her so far and is one of my favorites since Michael Jackson worked his magic on it.)

    Abr 25 2010, 22h58
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