• A recommendation to the Darktrance group

    Abr 5 2008, 19h44


    To everyone in the Darktrance group, I would like to recommend you GR DeeRam! This is truly some mind bending stuff, evoking a pure dark essence. Amazing stuff really!

    They played some shows in Russia, but I never could attend one.

    The album; Album 0 is in my wholesome opinion the ultimate DeeRam album.
    It changed my view on music.
  • Back in the game, but soon to be absent once more.

    Mar 26 2008, 22h06

    So I'm back, scrobbling the DeeRam, max!

    I noticed how perfect this really is. It's amazing actually. If you listen closely, you will notice that not ONE single thing is done by accident. Often you would think that much of this kind of music relies on accident to give some of the 'strange' effects and similar. I mean, if you look at about 85% of all psych, I bet the artists find some random effects, or do random synth, and then put it together for a neat mix. Of course everyone does some things on purpose, like the beat, and certain samples and effects, and they put them together so we get something good. BUT, GR DeeRam is completely perfect! Nothing is done by accident. Every single aspect is meant exactly as it is! Wow, that's all I have to say. This group must listen through their tracks hundreds of times to time everything so perfect.

    GR DeeRam is the undisputed Great Lord of the psych!

    But one more thing, I'll be absent for a few days. No scrobbling I suppose. But I'm sure there will be plenty of listeners! Keep scrobbling. Keep spreading.
  • Absence...

    Mar 24 2008, 12h07

    It's hard to get on all the time. Yesterday I didn't scrobble a single thing. I've been listening to a lot of GR DeeRam pretty much everywhere else than on my computer. Too bad you can't save it and scrobble it, but my car stereo doesn't let me connect to the internet. I don't know if that is possible...

    Still it's mostly Album 0, not so much Air Force Demoralization.

    A new thing though! My wife has really become into GR DeeRam as well, since I began listening to it openly, instead on the earphones. I never knew she liked that kind of stuff. Man, my wife is great. But GR DeeRam is even better.
  • The Birth...

    Mar 22 2008, 16h51

    When I first discovered the music of GR DeeRam I wasn't really into the genre. I quickly turned.
    My love for this genre has grown so much since I discovered the music of GR DeeRam. It's simply amazing. No other group has done so much for me in music. It's as if it was created just for me.

    We are building up a group, to collect artists like GR DeeRam, that truly have expanded our minds. Psych, psych!
    With Album 0, GR DeeRam broke a border and entered the true world of mind expansion and psych, while breathing out dark patterns of complex structure and heaving through aspects not familiar to the normal musical spectrum.
    This was like opening my brain, as if it were a puzzle box, and re-configuring every single piece to form a completely new image.
    I have come to worship this music.