• yes, it's really so strange

    Dez 10 2006, 8h18

    tonight may be an important night:

    this is the first time i've ever heard The Smiths in a public establishment, anywhere.

    how strange... it was a weird kitschy Jimmy Buffet-themed restaurant, called, yes, Cheeseburger in Paradise.

    yes, it came on -- The Boy With The Thorn In His Side -- and during the intro i thought "wait a minute... i know this... it's a song i absolutely love... what is it?"

    see, i didn't even recognize it in a restaurant... because i've never heard it outside my headphones, car speakers, or locked bedroom... how strange.

    then when i did recognize it, i yelled it out (my companions, used to me, ignored me). but i phrased it in the form of a question, sitting at the table, "the SMITHS???"

    yes, it was really so strange.

    or was it? i don't know...

    people from places other than Pennsylvania, United States: is it really so strange to hear a Smiths song in an establishment, let alone a middle-aged themed restaurant??
  • how the end always is

    Nov 17 2006, 16h21

    so last night was the coolest, most goth rainstorm in a while. i was smart, i left for my night classes before the rain began, but i packed Disintegration because i knew i'd need it on the way home.

    oh man, was it a beauty. the inside of the bus, on the way home, was all wet and the moisture clung to every smooth surface, and the streetlights coldly ripped through the rivulets down the windows.

    and somehow it was timed perfectly: i ran from the bus stop to my apartment, slashing rain attacking my face and the rain eating right through my sweatshirt, all during the third verse of Disintegration, you know, the one where his voice is highest and it doesn't let up for like a minute and a half. oh it was perfect, i felt so tortured and wet. ;)
  • take a walk in the park? shit yeah!

    Mai 3 2006, 22h09

    today, on the bus and then in the quad, i listened to all of Daydream Nation, in its entirety, from start to finish, on headphones. i've never done that before in my life.


    has anyone ever tried that?

    Sonic Youth
  • and the heat goes on, where the hand has been

    Mar 30 2006, 18h46

    i remember buying Remain in Light in 9th grade, of course for the inimitable and incomparable Once in a Lifetime. and i remember being quite nonplussed by the rest of the album, but trying to make myself appreciate the repetitive basslines and unchanging song structures. it's sort of been on the back burner since then: it's stayed on my cd shelf out of respect because it is "the most influential album of one of the most influential bands of their era."

    and i mean the talking heads are the kind of band whose famous songs are so easily likeable, even if solely for their strong individuality. now, i realize that i had gone into remain in light expecting to hear chord progressions and, well, uh, melodies. needless to say, one is hard pressed to find much of either, in this album.

    it is only now that i recognize the album's pristine production, the way the voices are recorded and the brilliant harmonies, the many layers of clear texture existing on top of each other; it almost feels like "under the water! carry the water!" i mean, really listening to it is like diving through layer after layer of sparkling and clear ocean water, each with its own colorful array of organisms.

    not to mention the atmospheric guitar work, that kind of hangs in air punctuating the vocal lines, delicately assertive. the odd noises that screech and slide in and out of focus while david byrne's voices trade lines of vague alienation with each other, all over the primitive yet artfully balanced backbeats.

    a good album, says i.

    Talking Heads
  • click, friends! this is a survey!

    Mar 21 2006, 4h27

    i want your opinions!

    who are the most worstly overrated artists/bands ever?

    you know the ones! the ones that EVERYONE ALL THE TIME IS ALWAYS RAVING ABOUT AND BLOWING LOADS over, and you just want to stop them all and say "that's really a bit excessive."

    who are yours?
  • question

    Mar 12 2006, 17h19

    is there anything more beautiful than Girl From the North Country?

    Bob Dylan
  • visions of codeine

    Mar 2 2006, 1h52

    my highway mix! the aural counterpart to ACKthehack's more introspective road mix. for mine, i went almost strictly on feel and mood. i wanted it to be like you snuck out in your car with three or less people that you really love, and you're basically kicking your lives' asses as you careen down the big 4-lanes.

    so yeah, all these songs (except one or two) are songs i've celebrated in the past on the highway with people i've found beautiful.

    also, i suppose you could say theoretically it's supposed to last exactly one night. but itunes tells me it's only 76 minutes.

    1.) Roadrunner
    2.) Never Let Me Down Again
    3.) Zoo Station
    4.) Dirty Boots
    5.) I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
    6.) Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
    7.) Slash N' Burn
    8.) Raised on Robbery
    9.) Tombstone Blues
    10.) Treatment Bound
    11.) Talk
    12.) Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)
    13.) Ron
    14.) PDA
    15.) Open All Night
    16.) I Melt with You
    17.) Ex Lion Tamer
    18.) Trigger Cut/Wounded Kite at :17
    19.) Sunrise
  • belle and sebastian, you win

    Fev 28 2006, 18h19

  • who are these magnetic fields??

    Fev 27 2006, 18h44

    here is a band that reached right the hell through all the crotchety new-music bashing of which i've been accused. i'm serious! i did not even have to double check my love for these songs. i laughed out loud at every one - the lyrics are brilliant because, rather than trying hard to be humorous, they just are.

    please, do yourself a favor, if you want to convince yourself that good people don't die and hyperbole kills, pirate a copy of 69 Love Songs (Disc 1). hell, they may even restore my faith so much that i'd realistically recommend buying a copy!

    i mean, i had to pause the album to write this post because i don't want to miss a word. beautiful unaffected simplicity. my grandiose even here is doing it a disservice.

    The Magnetic Fields
  • expressway to my heart

    Fev 24 2006, 18h07

    i was just reminiscing about the most exciting show i went to last year, at the vox populi art gallery in philadelphia. it was a noise show, headlined by a kim/thurston side project. christ, i can't even remember what they called themselves. i want to say mirror/dash.

    well, as luck would have it, my friend [user herbiewhat], i don't even know how this was arranged, but it was arranged that thurston would be using his friend's amp, and that got him and 4 of his friends into the show early and free. can you see where this is going? haha i should do this post in installments. but i won't.

    anyway, we got into the show early to bring in the amp. (you know i think it was that herbie knew someone who ran vox populi? maybe? i could be totally wrong.)

    the actual show was in a loft-attic type space above the art gallery. very dirty-warehouse feeling. there are a few kids there early, sort of milling around and basking in their own hipness or what have you. and out of a back door in the corner, there he fucking appears, and he walks straight down the center of the room, and [user underlinen] and i, well we probably gasped out loud. hm. herbiewhat isn't much of a fan of sonic youth, either, if i remember correctly, he was more cordial and businesslike with thurston. well herbiewhat went and spoke to thurston in the middle of the room, making sure the amp was ok i guess, and underlinen and i stood basically frozen drooling.

    then we hear herbie say "oh yeah and these are my friends adam and andrew" and he brings thurston over to us and thurston is about fifteen feet taller than i am and he just goes "oh hey guys what's up?" and i admit it, my voice sounded like a 5-year-old girl's. all i could say was "hello" and he put out his hand and shook my hand and then underlinen's. first of all all i could think was "this is the hand that recorded daydream, goo, dirty, evol, sister, confusion, washing machine, jet set, blah blah drool." luckily i did not say that out loud. well my mouth felt cemented or constricted or something.

    gah! then he went back through the little door in the corner and underlinen and i just sort of stood beaming like schoolgirls and not saying anything.

    so the show goes on, the acts for the most part are good, thurston and kim were just plain hot together. then there is another act after thurston. oh god what are they called, it is a two-person free improv jazzy kind of act, a drummer and a sax player. they are fucking manic and so great to watch. i have made my way behind the playing space because by now the loft is quite crowded, so i had milled my way back to where the amps and piles of crap were, with a few other people.

    and fucking thurston comes back out of the door as the free improv duo is starting; he pops open a goddamn beer and sits on the amp right next to me, and we both watched the set - i like to think together! and then they finished one of their long snakey crazy numbers and i yelled out "yeah!" and he yelled out "do it again!" a few times, the whole time drinking his beer on the amp next to me and wearing those yellow sneakers i had seen in so many googled pics, the ones with the blue stars on or something.

    ok ok so i sound like a slobbering fangirl but i don't care. i know i'm giving into the whole corporate rock star hero worship idea that is really bad for music's integrity but you know what fuck it thurston moore is hot and one of my favorite guitarists. you would cry too if it happened to you!

    i should probably add to this that at some time during the show, when i was waiting in the bathroom line outside the room, kim passed me in the hall. but i did not want to be an annoying pissant so i just smiled at her. she only came up to my shoulder! yeah the whole night felt quite surreal. underlinen went back in by himself after the show, supposedly to talk to kim, but i think he's fulla shit.

    Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon