KGRL's NMM™ on Mar. 10th, 2010


Mar 10 2010, 20h17

Wednesday, Mar. 10th, 6am PST

NMM™ is when KGRL plays all the newly added artists and music (not all of what will be added but representatives). Celebrated about twice a month it's a remarkable event at which many of the KGRL listeners, the flowerites, meet at the flowerbox, the chat box at KGRL's homepage.

We heard 74 songs today, a selection of about 300 that were added to KGRL's repertoire, 4½ entertaining hours including a vivid chat with Alessi of Alessi's Ark and Joy Williams. A big portion of the songs aren't released yet, so you need listen to KGRL's stream to hear them again or have to wait. ;)

"Good morning flowerites and welcome to the New Music Morning sets.
Sit back, relax and enjoy your taste of the new music added to our playlist.
You can also join us at the Flowerbox over at to chat with
your fellow flowerites.
Our New Music Morning starts right now!" ?

Katie Noonan & the Captains - Page One
Katie Noonan & the Captains - Time
Madita - Too Dark
Madita - Cruising
Mary at Midnight - Bow Down For Love
Mary at Midnight - Caroline
New Young Pony Club - Architect of Love
Automatic Loveletter - Heart Song

Joy Williams - Lover Find Your Cover
Joy Williams - We Mapped The World
Alessi's Ark - The Robot
Alessi's Ark - Dancing Feet
Kaki King - The Hoopers of Hudspeth
Kaki King - Spit It Back in My Mouth
Emily And The Whispers - Keep It In The Dark (New Version)
Lindsey Ray & Latch Key Kid - It Might Be Love

She & Him - Thieves
The Living Sisters - You Make Me Blue
The Living Sisters - Good Ole Wagon
The Bird and the Bee - Heard It on the Radio
The Bird and the Bee - Kiss on My List
Color of Clouds - Let Go
Color of Clouds - Lullysome
honeyhoney - Black Crows
honeyhoney - Not For Long

The Autumn Film - Sirens
The Autumn Film - Follow The Sound
Madeleine Bloom - Euphoria
Madeleine Bloom - Webs
Ellie Goulding - Every Time You Go
Ellie Goulding - Guns and Horses
Angus & Julia Stone - Walk It Off
Angus & Julia Stone - Hold On

Fiction - 'Cause You're Cute
Bullet & Snowfox - Looking Glass
See Green - Goldmine
See Green - Devil In The Details
Eliza Doolittle - Rollerblades
Eliza Doolittle - Back To Front
Giant Drag - Swan Song
Giant Drag - White Baby
Cruiserweight - Witness
Cruiserweight - Gang Slang

Lou Rhodes - The More I Run
Bella Ruse - Push On
Bella Ruse - Dark Horse
Kina Grannis - In Your Arms
Kina Grannis - Together
Jasmine Commerce - Meant to Be
Jasmine Commerce - Nobody
Anna F. - Time Stands Still
Meghan Beaudry - Make Me Happy, Make Me Blue
Meghan Beaudry - So in Love

Amy Macdonald - Your Time Will Come
Amy Macdonald - Spark
Kerrie Angell - Waiting On Saffron Street
mobilée - Dancing In Your Shoes I
mobilée - Dancing In Your Shoes II
Danielle Barbe - In The Meantime
Danielle Barbe - Explosive Minute
Jasmine Ash - I Wished For You
Jasmine Ash - All the Things We Do
Kinnie Starr - Your Eyes
Kinnie Starr - It's All You

The Hard to Get - Good At That
Roxy Swain - Z Dimension
Roxy Swain - Dressed to Kill
Love Is All - Repetition
Love Is All - Never Now
Jen Gloeckner - Pulse
The Joy Formidable - Austere (Live)
The Joy Formidable - A Heavy Abacus (Live)
Jenny Owen Youngs - Led To The Sea (Live)
Jenny Owen Youngs - Secrets (Live)

"...and that was the end of our New Music Morning sets.
I hope you all enjoyed the finely selected new artists and tracks played
during our presentation.
See you all again next time for another edition of New Music Morning sets,
only here at KGRL.
Good day flowerites!

Thank you Mysty for bringing all this wonderful music in our lifes, 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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