Happy B-day Bayou!!!


Jan 15 2009, 22h55

Try to enter "site:www.last.fm/music bayou16" at Google and you'll get far more than 3,000 hits! I learned to know Bayou as I found her comments in nearly every artist's shoutbox that I like and I learned to trust her unerring good taste in music. If you find her <3 anywhere, go listening to this artist.

Dear Bayou, to celebrate your b-day I've assembled a funny meant playlist of songs about "shout" (and b-day naturally):

Dieter XOXO


  • Bayou16

    OMFG!!!! O.o Thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! You're crazy!

    Jan 15 2009, 23h05
  • Bayou16

    I'm a totally F***** spammer! XD

    Jan 15 2009, 23h09
  • hdsander

    I stopped at some artist profiles for listening just because of your messages, so don't call it spamming. ;)

    Jan 15 2009, 23h13
  • JulianeJuly


    Jan 15 2009, 23h36
  • Bayou16

    You both are so adorable! ♥♥♥ I'm so thankful!

    Jan 16 2009, 1h05
  • JulianeJuly

    =D Bayou, you deserve that and much more! ♥

    Jan 16 2009, 1h22
  • bali07

    Damn, you did so much for her both of you (JulianeJuly's avatar and the playslist) and it's only 2:47 am!! I'll have to overstep you next year! So watch out!! At least, I can hug her for you when I'll see her haha No offense :D

    Jan 16 2009, 1h49
  • JulianeJuly

    yaaaaa!! hug Bayou for me please!!! ;) I'm thankful if u'll do that for me!!! =D Merci Beaucoup Bali!!! ;)

    Jan 16 2009, 1h54
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