The Hypelist [ Oct. 25th - Nov. 1st ]


Out 25 2008, 16h07

Sitting here with the laptop on my knees, being desperate as I cannot figure out what 6 songs of my 11 candidates for this weeks Hypelist I should dump, I just decided that my list will have 10 songs this time. Yay!

The weekly High Rotation playlist, consisting of 5... eh... sorry, 10 tunes that will be played frequently over the next 7 days:

  1. Bic Runga - Sway
    Found (again) on the Irish charity album Even Better than the Real Thing, what is an compilation of cover songs, but this Sway is an original, written and performed by Bic Runga.

  2. The Rescues - All By Myself
    I'm still not tired of The Rescues and found this single on eMusic yesterday. It's a nice cover of the 1975 ballad All by Myself by Eric Carmen.

  3. Meiko - Boys With Girlfriends
    "What are they putting into the water at the Hotel Café?" asks the iTunes album reviewer, well, it's pure musicality, coolness and perfection! I just noticed that the iTunes album of meiko includes this track, that isn't on my version.

  4. Antigone Rising - Longshot
    This live ballad of the 5 girls induces goosebumps whenever I listen to. Why doesn't anybody know them?

  5. Glen Hansard - Cry Me a River
    Another song from the already mentioned Irish charity album, a true cover this time, Glen Hansard's version of this 1953 Ella Fitzgerald song (unbelievable that I couldn't find the original in my library). My first impression of this song was the incredible performance by Joe Cocker on his album Mad Dogs & Englishmen, one of my favorite album of all time. If I'm not mistaken, did I already hype the version of The Cliks.

  6. The Bird and the Bee - My Love
    Thank you Knirrie, thank you very much! From the soundtrack of Grey's Anatomy the first impression of The Bird and the Bee's upcoming album Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future.

  7. Melissa Etheridge - Message To Myself
    The message to myself is "Play this song more often!". Another of my all time favorites.

  8. Brandi Carlile - Hiding My Heart
    Grey's Anatomy featured Brandi again on their soundtrack, for the 6th time now. This heartbreaking ballad is one of her best songs.

  9. Lenka - Live Like You're Dying
    One more song from Grey's Anatomy's last episode (Do they spy their songs from my charts? *g*).

  10. Over the Rhine - The World Can Wait
    The beautiful voice of Over the Rhine's vocalist Karin Bergquist always thrilles me, listen to the lyrics, echoing my credo.

One track didn't make it, because the playlist would become too long (and only for that reason!): The Lightning Strike: (i) What If This Storm Ends? / (ii) The Sunlight Through The Flags / (iii) Daybreak of Snow Patrol's new album A Hundred Million Suns.

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  • Knirrie

    Boohoo I wrote a comment here this morning but it has disappeared :( I just wanted to say that Meiko and Glen Hansard are the highlights of this weeks list. Great! Thanks for those songs :)

    Out 27 2008, 13h14
  • J-Force

    Yay for Lenka and Brandi!

    Out 27 2008, 13h21
  • zangeressen

    Yay for Lenka, Brandi and Melissa!

    Out 29 2008, 7h03
  • JulianeJuly

    Really nice! =)

    Out 30 2008, 17h26
  • Bayou16

    That playlist is one of a kind!! ^^

    Out 31 2008, 23h39
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