Best Songs, Worst Songs


Mai 25 2009, 4h52

Please comment, add your opinions and picks, whatever...=)

1. Tristania
Best Songs: My Lost Lenore, A Sequel of Decay
Worst Songs: Shadowman, --

2. Nightwish
Best Songs: Ghost Love Score, Gethsemane
Worst Songs: Master Passion Greed, Whoever Brings the Night

3. Emilie Autumn
Best Songs: Opheliac, 4 o'Clock
Worst Songs: The Star Spangled Banner, All My Loving

4. Sentenced
Best Songs: No One There, The Luxury Of A Grave
Worst Songs: Brief Is The Light, Karu

5. Once There Was
Best Songs: Black and White Picture, Black Roses
Worst Songs: While Awake, --

6. Theatres Des Vampires
Best Songs: Luciferia, Carnival Day
Worst Songs: Two Seconds, Pleasure and Pain

7. Sirenia
Best Songs: Sister Nightfall, Seven Keys And Nine Doors
Worst Songs: Save Me from Myself, --

8. Sonata Arctica
Best Songs: Victoria's Secret, --
Worst Songs: Letter to Dana, Shy

9. Draconian
Best Songs: The Cry of Silence, Silent Winter
Worst Songs: Expostulation, --

10. Ensiferum
Best Songs: Guardians of Fate, Lai Lai Hei
Worst Songs: Tears, --

11. Arch Enemy
Best Songs: Diva Satanica (esp. Angela's version), Savage Messiah
Worst Songs:Behind the Smile, Skeleton Dance

12. Iron Maiden
Best Songs: Hallowed Be Thy Name, Aces High
Worst Songs: Holy Smoke, anything with Blaze Bailey (except Clansman)

13. Diablo Swing Orchestra
Best Songs: Balrog Boogie, Ragdoll Physics
Worst Songs: Gunpowder Chant (Just 'cause it gets annoying fast)

14. Dimmu Borgir
Best Songs: In Death's Embrace, Mourning Palace
Worst Songs: Puritania, --

15. Finntroll
Best Songs: Det Iskalla Trollblodet, Fiskarens Fiende
Worst Songs: Marknadsvisan, --


  • johngebreadman

    The best Draconian song is Death Come near me, that is just emotion in musical form. Cant ever complain with your choices though, seeing as there are a lot to choose from

    Mai 25 2009, 19h19
  • ShaiThan

    Master Passion Greed was only listenable song in DPP, so in my opinion it is acceptable only because of this reason. But other two, especially Ghost Love Score, are really good choices.

    Mai 25 2009, 20h43
  • Furretsu

    Shadowman's AWESOME... D:

    Mai 25 2009, 22h48
  • Furretsu

    And Two Seconds is my favorite TdV song.. I don't think we can ever be friends. :(

    Mai 25 2009, 22h49
  • ParisianBoy

    Sonata Arctica Worst songs: Letter to Dana and Shy? WTF!?!?!? :D

    Mai 27 2009, 19h25
  • evigt_ljus

    I agree with your chosen best songs in the case of Tristania (though I would add Opus relinque and Midwintertears as well) and partly Iron Maiden (cause I think Aces high is great)--but I also disagree here: Holy Smoke is awesome! In the case of Draconian I couldn't leave Daylight Misery and The Everlasting Scar out from among the best...and I totally disagree in the case of Nightwish. I'd never list Gethsemane among their best way. They have so many other excellent songs. Oh and regarding Ensiferum: Tears is OK...I'd not call it one of their worst songs. and I'd say their best are Treacherous Gods, Frost, Token of Time and Abandoned. + I'd definitely include The Serpentine Offering among Dimmu's best songs. & Finntroll..the best in my opinion would be: Svartberg, Den Sista Runans Dans, Skog and Rivfader... But- of course- opinions differ. ;)

    Mai 30 2009, 12h38
  • TheManOfXD

    6. Theatres des Vampires - Worst Songs: Two Seconds, Pleasure and Pain WTF?

    Set 27 2009, 15h51
  • florianblaschke

    Great Nightwish choices. Gethsemane is *so* underrated. Even without a real orchestra, it manages to conjure up the cathedral-like atmosphere that Ghost Love Score evokes, too.

    Fev 1 2010, 21h23
  • Rosa-

    I think Master Passion Greed, Whoever Brings the Night and Shy are really good songs.. Hmm. And you're absolutely right about Emilie Autumn.

    Mai 4 2010, 23h04
  • Music4urLife

    10. Ensiferum Worst Songs: Tears, - WTF ?

    Jul 26 2010, 13h54
  • spikedylacid

    6. Theatres des Vampires - Worst Songs: Two Seconds, Pleasure and Pain WTF? [2]

    Mar 4 2011, 14h22
  • spikedylacid

    Shadowman's AWESOME... D: [3]

    Mar 4 2011, 14h23
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