Blair Hansen and Angie Evans at the Queen Bean


Dez 20 2009, 18h06

Last night I toddled along to The Queen Bean in Modesto, CA, to see Blair Hansen and Angie Evans play live.

Blair Hansen is criminally underlistened-to here on, but I've been listening to her songs here and on myspace so was very excited to see that she was playing in Modesto. She has an astonishingly beautiful voice (classically trained, her wiki tells me) that powerfully conveys all the passion behind her songs about love and heartbreak. Her song "Breakaway" (featured on the soundtrack for the film Hannah Free) won the 2009 OutMusic Country/Folk Song award. She was great live, and I bought her new album Real World (listening now - not up here yet, but check out her previous albums Blair Hansen and Smile).

I had only really heard Angie Evans' music in passing, but she totally won me over with her catchy rhythms, feminist lyrics, and powerful personality. Another artist with criminally few listeners on, she's technically another girl with a guitar but her songs cross over from folky to bluesy to r&b, each filled with memorable lyrics ("We make love when we make music / We make music when we make love"). Poetry, really. So I had to buy her album Cycle of Fruit too, which came with a lovely little sticker that proudly proclaims "I <3 ice cream, trees, orgasms, Angie Evans, hugs & feminism". Indeed I do. It will be stuck proudly on my guitar case.

I am Hannah Werdmuller and I love Blair Hansen, ice cream, trees, orgasms, Angie Evans, hugs & feminism.


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