4 Years? Really???


Dez 23 2008, 6h56

I joined this site when I was fourteen. I'm eightteen now. Wow. I'm at a rate of 10,000 tracks per year while I'm at the computer. There are people who listen to more, but I also listen to Sirius Radio and shit and I don't have an iPod to sync up either. Anyway, huh... Any good musical discoveries this year? I guess. Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Lady Gaga. Any good musical discoveries of the past? James, most definitely. My favourite albums were Viva la Vida and Intimacy. My favourite songs were Your Visits Are Getting Shorter, Womanizer, I'm Good I'm Gone, Yes We Can and No Sunglasses. My favourite concert is a three way tie between Justice, Hot Chip and New Kids on the Block. Good year.


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