• THA Torrents are up for download!

    Jun 6 2008, 4h17

    I believe this will be good news to a lot of you, particularly those with a slow internet connection or those who only want a few particular mp3s out of the THA Collection:

    I have teamed up with to provide Bittorrent downloads of my music.

    THA Collection torrent
    Portal Inspired Music torrent

    Alternatively, if you check out the music page on, there are green buttons below the normal download links. Click on the green buttons to download the THA Collection or the Portal Inspired Music with your favorite torrent client!

    The torrents are permanent and there will always be seeders available as the files are hosted on LegalTorrents’ dedicated servers. Don’t worry about the last seeder disappearing in the middle of your download, cause it won’t happen.

    So, pass the links around to your friends. Put the links on your site. Download only the mp3s you want. Start your download before you go to sleep and wake up to THA music on your computer!

    Thanks for listening,

    - Hamst3r

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