Drinking beer is healthy


Set 7 2009, 17h24

The hotter the weather, the more beer is consumed by those, who wish to refresh themselves. Beer is particularly popular at the peak moment of a soccer championship (now, for instance, as it’s time of UEFA Euro 2008), even among women. The low alcohol level in this drink and the talks about its good qualities did their job – the beer those days is seen as innocent as juice and soft drinks. Many pro-healthy consumers are hooked by the statement that beer is not just a drink but a well of microelements and vitamins.

As for me, I like beer, I have found my favorite sort of a certain brand and I usually prefer to drink only it. And now, during UEFA Euro 2008 I have to confess, I drink it more often. This is why I decided to find out the following thing: is beer really healthy and what effect does it have on one’s health? Yes, it is healthy, in small quantities of course.