Friday, March 29th: Thoughts In Reverse Headliner


Mai 2 2011, 1h12

Fri 29 Apr – Thoughts in Reverse, Our Last Night, Vanna, Armor For The Broken, AS The Sky falls

The show overall was fantastic. The show started off with As the Sky Falls, a Band I know. Huge crowd, and they were very fun and energetic. They sounded fantastic, and I loved them.

Next was Armor For The Broken, a great performance, and they left their mark by spitting on the ceiling, and it slowly dripped to the floor. Very heavy and lots of Bass drops, which I enjoyed. Sound was great, performance was okay, a little too show-off for my liking. But overall, great performance. Tons of stage tives, too. Huge pit. Downfall was that they took a longgggg time to set up.

Third, was Vanna, one of my favorite bands. They did amazing, as expected. They were realllyyyy energetic, loud, and made themselves known. Crowd went crazy for them. I adore them. I must have gotten kicked in the face about 50 times from crowd surfers and stage divers.

Next was Our Last Night, most people were in the pit for them. I myself wasn't too fond of them, but they did well. Most people knew the words for them, and a lot of people would steal the mic and such. But they did pretty good.

Finally was Thoughts in Reverse, the band I work with. Their first headliner, and Damn, even I was impressed. Now with the Lead vocalist from Merrimac, replacing Anthony. This in my opinion was an awesome improvement. He had a bigger connection with the crowd, and more experiance. He sounded perfect, and the crowd was as rowdy as ever. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing show.

I'm a creep.


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