Faixas (17)
Faixa Álbum Duração Execuções
Ecco: The Tides of Time The World's Smallest Giant OC ReMix Faixa preferida
4:11 29
Final Fantasy VI Magicite Made My Mind Melt OC ReMix Faixa preferida
4:00 24
Jade Cocoon Battle ~ Trials of a Cocoon Master OC ReMix Faixa preferida
3:54 23
Final Fantasy VII Too Much Fighting OC ReMix
4:51 16
Breath of Fire IV Endings, Beginnings and One Hell of a Trip OC ReMix
3:28 15
Final Fantasy V Groove, Sweet Groove OC ReMix
4:04 15
Jade Cocoon Legend of Arcana ~ Tale of the Nagi OC ReMix
6:00 12
Shadow Hearts: Covenant The Result is Always Death OC ReMix Faixa preferida
3:07 12
Donkey Kong Country 3 Claustrophobia OC ReMix
4:26 11
Ana(pro)logue (Prologue)
3:32 11
Cheetahmen II Livin' Large! OC ReMix
3:07 10
Jade Cocoon People Made of Stone OC ReMix
4:05 9
Final Fantasy VII Golden Feathers OC ReMix
3:58 9
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Larry's Funky House of Lowe OC…
2:55 9
Swamp Gases (Bayou Boogie)
4:43 7
Mass Effect 2 The Sound of the Galaxy OC ReMix
4:40 1
In the Shadows ~Theme of Thief~ 3:13 1