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  • Religion

    Ago 5 2008, 19h56

    I have posted this in a couple other places but here it ideas on religions (especially christianity):

    I have always been interested in the fact that human beings in general have a tendency to try to explain the unknown. It seems that "things", because I cannot put my finger on a better word, people cannot explain seem to be deemed as "gods" or god-like.
    For instance, the sun is a popular god because of the life-giving properties, and the fact that it comes and goes, and what-not. Same with the moon, other heavenly bodies, and other such things that were not easily explainable by primitive list goes on. As things were explained and accepted, they seemed to transition from gods, to science. This is why, to me, it is something that goes hand in hand, and how some people try using science to prove/disprove god. Because one always seems to lead to the other.
    I guess it's our insatiable quest for knowledge. Also, and what I believe as a reason why there is so much theology in this technological age, is the growing mystery of the soul. Think about it....we can take so much information and store it on something the size of a finger....We have all this technology, all these theories, anti-matter, and yet we cannot explain something so fundamental and known, that many of us don't even think about it at all....The soul.
    Ah, the soul...what an interesting concept. The sense of self. The quest to find the meaning of life. Obviously this is the basis for many religions, and the happy, warm-fuzzy feeling that people get when they use religion as a possibility of an after life, and reason for our existence. Because we are so intelligent, we understand that we exist. I am not a psychiatrist, or a biologist, so I am not sure whether or not this is true, but I think we as humans are the only creatures ever to understand that we exist. A sense of self. Thus, there comes the question as to why are we here?
    Surely, as some believe, there has to be something after this, that we cannot see or something...After all, with all these amazing things that we make, form, our intelligence, all the things going for us....shouldn't there be a reason for existence? Something that gives a reason that we live besides we do, and we die?
    Where does the soul go? That is another idea....something as intangible as that, no one can explain. Is that what the little voice telling us "um. that isn't a good idea, dude"? I dunno, but I think it is what we have built into us through evolution. Fight/flight, and the ability to reason that allows us to sustain life in many different situations, and places.
    I do not believe in a god, or souls or anything. Basically I think that weak-minded people need to justify their existence and that they cannot just accept the fact that we die. We go back to the earth and are recycled. Why do we need to believe in a happy guy in the sky, that sent his god-son down to die for our sins?
    What an easy, fits really nicely in a neat little book, STUPID fucking idea that weak, ignorant, feeble-minded people cling on to because they think that when they die, they want to go to heaven....and they are scared that there is nothing in the afterlife. They have their built in sense of right and wrong, yet they cannot discern how silly and rediculous the possibility of a book with dozens of authors over millenia wrote into and it is all true and perfect?
    Rediculous. Religion, especially Christianity is the de-evolution of human-kind and if it isn't stopped the world will end.
    People no longer search for answers, they just rely on their stupid book like a crutch that they hobble along through life thinking that because they won the lottery, there is some smiling god that deemed him worthy....stupid.
    Thus, I feel that religion is something people that are too weak-minded to think for themselves believe in to justify their own existence in their own minds.
    I do not believe, I think.