Jul 10 2006, 2h12

It's funny, you see a bunch of people running around last.fm, talking about how someone's music taste is inferior to theirs. "Oh, you listen to Ashlee Simpson (or Pussycat Dolls or Britney Spears or Paris Hilton or whoever else), your music taste sucks!" Normally, they include an insult or two, and then they'll tell you to listen to rock music.

Here's what I find funny about that. Besides the fact that I don't care what people think about what I listen to - yes, I know my music taste is effeminate, but as I said, I don't care - it's just stupid, lol. The flavor of the month, whoever it is, is likely to get some plays here on last.fm from me - why is that any of your concern? It's cute that you are all trying to save the world of their "horrible" music taste, one last.fmer at a time, but the fact is, all ya'll are doing is turning people off from listening to the music you're suggesting.

Here's an idea!

"Hey, you should check out so-and-so - they're a bit different than your average artist, but here's why I like them, so check 'em out!"

Now, that might make me want to check out the artist or genre being suggested, but funnily enough, dissing me and my music tastes and then telling me to change is the route that they choose to take - and it ain't gonna work for me! The more negative comments I see on an artists' page - or on my own shoutbox - the more I'll be convinced to listen to what I listen to!

Yes, I've been defending my favorite artists (and others who aren't so much favorites, just that I like 'em enough), and it has lead to me being attacked on my shoutbox. Honestly, if anything, this makes me more determined to support my favorite artists, because the only thing that's happening is that the bashers - ranging in age and location, so I'll give them props for their diversity - are proving that I got to them enough to make them feel the need to retaliate.

So in conclusion, I'll just say - feel free to attack me all you want on my shoutbox. The fact is, my top artists aren't gonna change, and I'm gonna do nothing but sit back and laugh at the immature fools who attempt to change my music tastes via personal attacks.

Keep at it! I'm lookin' forward to it. :)


  • Jazz13

    Oh, so you want us to be constructive now? Very well, since you like Natalie Imbruglia, who is very talented by the way, I think you should also give Tori Amos and Rilo Kiley a try. Also, Saving Jane, Fiona Apple and No Doubt are very good. Since the one male artist on your chart is Ryan Cabrera, you should also give John Mayer a shot. None of those are rock, and none are really a stretch from what you normally listen to. There, I was constructive, enjoy.

    Jul 10 2006, 2h39
  • Di-chy

    I agree. I don't care at all about what music those disrespectful people like. It's just that they're wasting their time and effort to promote their favorite music.

    Jul 10 2006, 2h40
  • gv0928

    Actually, Jazz, I listen to Tori (in small amounts, clearly - she's alright), Saving Jane seems to suck judging from their first single, Fiona Apple and No Doubt are both well-played on my list, and John Mayer has some spins as well. So...yeah.

    Jul 10 2006, 2h40
  • velvetrope1983

    Wow! WTF? If they hate your music tastes so much, why are they stalking your last.fm page in the first place? Senseless and time wasting, much? Keep doing you. And I don't know why you don't just delete them from your shoutbox in the first place. Who are they to dictate what is good and what isn't?

    Jul 10 2006, 2h47
  • Jazz13

    Barney and The Wiggles are the true death metal. Britney's just poser metal.

    Jul 10 2006, 2h49
  • dishlerm

    I'm gonna say this just out of spite. Your music taste sucks. Listen to something better.

    Jul 10 2006, 5h11
  • Jazz13

    [img]http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/2543/lifetimeachievementawardsocial.jpg[/img] We hate on socialitexx so much she got an award.

    Jul 10 2006, 5h36
  • b1ackroses

    I also listen to shitty music and I also don't care what people think about it. So why am I in the shit music group? Off-topic... yeah.

    Jul 10 2006, 5h40
  • Ajaxhunter

    The fact that you wrote this journal shows that you do care. If you didn't care it would be much simpler to ignore the haters and go on with your lastfm-ing...or something like that. Actually lots of fun can be had on this site by aggravating people. So more power to you, even though I can't stand your music taste. Oh yeah, socialite, learn about what you're talking about before making huge generalizations. If the jerks at your school came up to you and started talking about how bad sex felt and how you should never try any sexual act I'm confident it wouldn't deter you from messing around.

    Jul 10 2006, 5h45
  • Ajaxhunter

    ...and what I meant to say was: If the jerks at your school came up to you and started talking about how great sex was I'm confident it wouldn't lead you to the conclusion that sex is bad.

    Jul 10 2006, 5h51
  • gv0928

    dishlerm - umm, good for you? ajax - It doesn't bother me, it just entertains me, actually. And I don't know that ya'll are aggravating people so much as making yourselves look stupid. And in regard to your comment to socialite - those are two completely different things. Apples and oranges.

    Jul 10 2006, 5h54
  • dishlerm

    Man, the internet is so much fun.

    Jul 10 2006, 6h14
  • raza9

    Peoples are TOO stewpid.

    Jul 10 2006, 6h27
  • Rayffle

    get a life people... ¬¬

    Jul 10 2006, 6h30
  • Jazz13


    Jul 10 2006, 6h36
  • gv0928

    lmao. Knock 'em down, shan! Bring out that dirty laundry! :D Honestly though, I really don't care what ya'll listen to. It's pointless. Why would I care? I'm not the one listening to it, so it's none of my business. By that same token, what business is it if someone wants to play Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan 200 times? It's their lives, not yours. The only reason I can think of to bash someone's music tastes is personal insecurity. Which is stupid. And, it's also funny to know that 90% of these people wouldn't have the balls to say anything like this in person. lol. Whatever though. That's ya'll.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h00
  • raza9

    If you don't care what people listen to and you don't care what people think of your music tastes, you failed at life for joining last.fm. [img]http://forumspile.com/Misc-Failure.jpg[/img]

    Jul 10 2006, 7h05
  • gv0928

    I didn't join this for you, nor anyone else. I joined it for the charts.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h06
  • raza9

    Yet you took the time to write an entry to whine about all the people who bash shitty music. If you only care about the charts, close your shoutbox and your journal.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h08
  • gv0928

    If I want to share my opinions about music - however shitty you may deem it - that's my business. And raza, you're the worst of the bashers. You have Natasha Bedingfield in your most played artists. Honestly, just stop pretending you dislike pop music. Take out those Britney CDs, I'm sure you've got 'em.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h13
  • Mez1

    Yeah you are the one keeping us bashing you...by providing us with a reaction every time we WILL carry on. Why? Because your music taste is inferior. Yes, i said it. Do i care? No. This is a music site, of course you will be bashed. Get over it. And no, i don't listen to rock.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h14
  • Jazz13

    I've played Green Day almost 1600 times and Eminem almost 450, I wouldn't take my trolling too seriously. It's comic relief for us, something we do while we listen to music. I just make funny pictures and provide a snide comment here and there.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h18
  • gv0928

    Mez- Then ya'll are just gonna have to keep on going, because I'm gonna keep on posting about my favorite artists. And lol, I'm not asking you for your opinion on my music, although I appreciate that you cared enough to share. If you guys really thought the music I listened to was shit, you would ignore it. The fact is, you guys are taking the time to stalk the artist shoutboxes, which proves that you guys care enough to bash them. Translation? Closet fans. You all are. I think there's a hint of jealousy in the fact that I can openly listen to what I choose to listen to, while you all have to try and make your miserable selves feel a little bit better by trying to knock someone else down. Knock my music tastes! It's all good. I'm gonna keep listening to it anyway. ;)

    Jul 10 2006, 7h18
  • Mez1

    gv9830928 i think you should read this part over again [quote]It's comic relief for us, something we do while we listen to music.[/quote] It's fun and doesn't waste time, it fills time.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h21
  • raza9

    If we were to follow your retard logic, you have Dido in your top artists, so one might think you are a closet listener of good music. So far no one has said my taste is shitty. Most people might not like it, but there are no arguments to bash 90% of the music I listen to. You want to share your opinions and you say you don't care about the opinions of the rest of the people. Then why share if you really don't give a damn about what we think? You are full of contradictions.

    Jul 10 2006, 7h21
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