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Set 24 2010, 7h37

Lethargy of Death - 2005 - Tribulations (funeral doom metal)
Ymir - 2008 - Hrimpursar (atmospheric black metal)
O Children - 2008 - Ruins [Demo] (post punk)
Mercyful Fate - 1984 - Don't Break The Oath (heavy metal)
Regnum - 2006 - Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss (depressive black metal)
Led Zeppelin - 1969 - Led Zeppelin I (rock)
Subheim - 2008 - Approach (ambient electronica)
Blackfilm - 2008 - Blackfilm (ambient electronica)
Verdunkeln - 2005 - Verdunkeln (black metal)
Explosions in the Sky - 2003 - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place (post-rock)
Geomatic - 2008 - Blue Beam (Pop Electronica)
Attacker - 2004 - Soul Taker (Power Metal)
Annihilator - 1989 - Alice In Hell (Thrash Metal)
Ildjarn - 2002 - Hardangervidda (Nature ambient)
Adam Hurst - 2009 - Ritual (Neoclassical)
Donis - 2007 - Alexandreia (Neofolk ambient)
Necros Christos - 2011 - Doom of the Occult (Deathkult metal)


  • Nocturnalpriest

    Albums I have bought in the 5 last years: Mercyful Fate, Led Zep, Verdunkeln. I love the Subheim release but didn't find it yet at a good price, anyway, I'll have to buy it ! I'll check out the other ones I don't know. I don't know if you already checked out the first Christian Death albums (from the debut EP to Atrocities), but if it's not the case you should rush onto them. It holds the classic goth rock feeling with a more morbid approach, sometimes thrash/punk on the oldest ones, more dark and melodic since the awesome "catastrophe ballet". You can hear that this band influenced people from the extreme metal scene like Tom Warrior (Celtic Frost) on some memorable tracks like "desperate hell". Essential band for all people into dark music in general, as you can find roots of almost everything in this fucking awesome band !

    Out 9 2010, 7h05
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