• Empty Roads

    Nov 15 2011, 23h15

    Still mad at gravity.
    Crossing the empty roads.
    Still ill from insanity.
    Consumed from harmful thoughts.

    I don't need the sun to grow.
    The beast inside I follow.
    It becomes darker where I go.
    They are frightened, they're my foe!

    I will not surrender.
    They can't reach my mind.
    I'm a defender,
    of my own kind.

    I'm gettin aggressive.
    Of the chain now.
    She's possessive.
    Show your face fraud.
  • The One

    Mar 22 2011, 8h22

    Thank you for the perfect night.
    Thank you for saying me goodbye.
    I always knew you're the one.
    The one who gives me so much fun.

    I'll always listen to you.
    Learning something new for the truth.
    I'll never turn my back on you.
    You are the only cure I ever knew.

    When I find myself alone with you
    everything around looks so blue.
    Opening the sky and dealing with the stars.
    I'll do that if you're even on Mars.

    Just let me show you the world.
    Share with you the bad and the good.
    You were the one when I needed, love.
    I was the hell when you needed, off.
  • My princess

    Mar 8 2011, 19h41

    Come with me my princess.
    Be fearless.
    Take my hand.
    I'll take you to the promise land.

    Look ahead.
    Have a breath.
    Forget about the past.
    We are free at last.

    Walking in fields of love.
    Don't matter what's above.
    Only I can calm you down.
    Only you can spin my head round and round.

    When I smell your perfume
    it makes me feel so numb.
    I'm not weak.
    Just need to hear your heartbeat.
  • Doubt

    Fev 28 2011, 21h58

    Dress me like a dog.
    Clean me with the mop.
    Turn me to a frog.
    Send me abroad.

    I'm not in your head.
    I'm your breath.
    The one you need.
    Something into deep.

    You're still afraid.
    Realizing your soul can brake.
    Anytime, anywhere.
    Are you scared?
  • My funeral

    Jan 6 2011, 22h04

    You left me in a damp hole
    and I remembered what it is to be alone.
    I found myself digging like a mole
    assuming that there is a hope.

    I feel like I'm in a cold dungeon.
    Am I dead like Heath Ledger?
    Surely can't fly like a pigeon.
    Can't use my pager.

    There is no sparkle on the other side.
    No hope inside.
    No light in the tunnel.
    Just people at my funeral.
  • Still In Love

    Dez 29 2010, 23h44

    Tears in my eyes.
    A condition I despise.
    Memories from the past
    hunting me so fast.

    A constant struggle.
    Thoughts I want to recall.
    A path I don't want to fallow.
    It leads only to sorrow.

    Why I have to pretend?
    All good things come to an end.
    Turn the page they say.
    And make the pain go away.

    But the heart is not only an organ.
    It' has an honor.
    Own way to predict the disaster.
    Own way to show the answer.
  • Angel with pink pyjamas

    Dez 24 2010, 15h39

    Angel with pink pyjamas.
    It's almost Christmas.
    Come and lay down with me.
    Come and set me free.

    Hold me tight.
    Don't leave me tonight.
    Spread all your love.
    Make my soul move.

    You have the cure.
    You're so pure.
    I need you now.
    I'll have your help somehow.

    Read my mind.
    Don't be blind.
    Go through me.
    See the reason - Lili.
  • Living In A Lie

    Dez 9 2010, 21h05

    You dirty little bitch.
    Your pussy's like a peach.
    It's not me to blame.
    I can't sustain.

    That's my lucky day.
    Let me walk on Broadway.
    Take me to a higher place.
    Let me feel no disgrace.

    And I try and I try
    To get a peace of that body pie.
    And you cry and you cry.
    It's difficult to bear that tie.
    It's hard to live in a lie.

    I feel joy I feel rage.
    You're like a toy, like a mage.
    But I can't ignore.
    I want something more.

    Another vision of the world.
    Another words to be heard.
    Time is not your friend.
    Where will you go in the end.

    And I try and I try
    To get a peace of that body pie.
    And you cry and you cry.
    It's difficult to bear that tie.
    It's hard to live in a lie.
  • Bad Ho

    Set 4 2010, 11h46

    A: Where are we going?
    B: I have a friend with joint.
    A: That's cool.
    B: Yeah! And he has a pool.

    B: There it is.
    A: I can feel the sea breeze.
    B: We're going to have a great night.
    A: I hope you can do it right.

    B: Baby, If I fail
    my mate will serve you well.
    A: Hmm ... so you own me double
    or you'll have a big trouble.

    B: Let me discuss it with my man.
    A: Ok. If he's the chairman.
    B: We will be right back.
    A: I'll be here alone. Crap!

    After a while ...

    B: We don't give a fuck.
    Do what you have to do - suck!
    Do you want your money?
    You have to earn it, honey.

    B: Your work is tough
    and sometimes things get rough.
    A: I know very well that.
    That's why I called a friend ... psychopath!
  • Questions

    Ago 20 2010, 10h09

    Can I say hello to my child?
    Can I say him "I love you so much"?
    Can I show him the world
    and his mother approach with a soft touch.

    Will he understand what is right and wrong?
    Will he like kissing girls with a tongue?
    Will he realize what love is?
    Like I and his mother do this.