Manu Chao in La Paz


Mar 13 2006, 16h08

Manu Chao was in La Paz last weekend. It was probably the best show this town has seen in a long time. He played for more than 3 hours, almost non-stop. There were a lot of people who travelled from abroad to see this little guy, who seem unaffected by the high altitude of the city.
He played many of his know hits, plus some more obscure material and a handful of Mano Negra's anthems. He easily moved from reggae to trance-like rhythms.

He is defintely on of the main parents of latin alternative music.


  • Hairshorts

    I hope that one of these days I'll be able to work out a trip abroad that coincides with a Manu Chao show. He's at the top of the list of artists I'd like to see live. Glad you enjoyed the show!

    Mar 14 2006, 8h30
  • grundo

    not very often I believe. and he has an unusual way of choosing the cities he visits, like his andean tour 2006 was la paz, cochabamba, jujuy and tucuman (most artists who come to the region would go to buenos aires, santiago, lima, etc.)

    Mar 30 2006, 18h34
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