Dez 11 2005, 14h36

Yeah, yesterday I saw that guys (again)

just impressing, can't wait to see them again.

Anyway, they've a new drummer, I've read that the original one is in Sweden recovering from an illness, or something, anyway, they played with Bloodbath's drummer. A good lad, but I think that BloodBaths' death metal (and drumming) is a bit rawer than Opeth's. Anyway... a good lad.

To sum up... an excellent concert, I hope these guys will continue to eructing good Death Metal for a long long time .


  • Metalmortal

    When I saw them live in March, they had Dark Tranquility and Devil Driver opening for them. Theres 2 great acts right there, but Opeth still managed to blow away both of them.

    Ago 30 2006, 17h10
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