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Out 27 2007, 18h58

#01 Say Hello To Sunshine-Finch
Well how to express the way i love this album....TO DEATH, I love it TO DEATH!

#02 Define the Great Line-Underoath
I love Underoath, and I love All the songs on this album

#03 Decomposer- The Matches
All the songs from this record are good, they all sound different that's why it's awesome!

#04 Flyleaf-Flyleaf
So many good songs, Lacey has such an amazing voice, I wish i could scream like her :)

#05 The Weak's End-Emery
Walls, Fractions and Under Serious Attack are such good songs plus Toby Morell has such a great voice

#06 All's Well That Ends Well-Chiodos
Actually that is an obsession, I was obsessed with the funny voice, the keyboard and

#07 Watch Out!- Alexisonfire
I've been to one of their concert and the songs from this album were really impressive on stage :)

#08Avenged Sevenfold-Waking The Fallen
Good songs, good songs and good songs, powerful melodies, awesome guitar solos, great riffs, impressive bass and amazing voice.

#09 As I Lay Dying - Frail Words Collapse
Great, GO BUY IT!!

#10 Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance
I love it, especially Silhouette, the guitar part is really interesting but i think the best part are the bass and of course the voice/screaming

#11 Mae- Singularity
Awesome, catchy and very addictive
check Brink Of Disaster, Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone, On Top, Release Me, Telescopes

#12 Bring Me the Horizon - Count Your Blessings
Why Oly Sykes has to be such a show-off? they're talented even if the word "catchy" cannot used to describe them :)

#13 Bring Me the Horizon- This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For
just for Rawwwrr!

#14 Escape the Fate- Dying Is Your Latest Fashion

#15 Billy Talent-Billy Talent
Good songs, a lot of good songs, great guitar, great bass, funny voice, good drums , great live :)

#16 Cartel- Chroma
Well this record isn't the best, the greatest, the most amazing and incredible thing you will listen to but it's still good :)

#17 Eighteen Visions-Eighteen Visions
Good Album but it sounds like Def Leppard ;) a lot of differences with their first albums

#18 Walls of Jericho-With Devils Amongst Us All
I love the name, the songs are really good, i also love the violence of some songs, Candace is really a great screamer/singer, I wish I had her voice and of course i could scream like her :)

#19 Pony Pony Run Run- Pony Pony Run Run EP
Amazing, plus these guys are so nice:)

#20 The Dollyrots- Eat My Heart Out
Best Pop/Punk Album ever :)
Kelly is so funny :)

#21 At the Drive-In- Relationship of Command
This album is truly great, with smart lyrics and great melody

#22 Fear Before The March Of Flames-The Always Open Mouth
smart, smart, smart, smart
especially the songs
and High As A Horse

#23 Emanuel - Soundtrack To A Headrush
very addictive. I really like the song Buy American Machines

#24 Showbread-No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical
Okay, I admit I have a slight obession with the song Mouth Like A Magazine
but the rest of the recor is still pretty awesome

#25 The Receiving End of Sirens-Between the Heart and the Synapse
So many good songs, with brilliant lyrics "As she draped her arms around my head./But her wrist felt just like rope/Like rope, as they grazed my neck,"-Broadcast Quality I hope I'll see them

#26 Emery- I'm Only A Man
Somewhat disappointing, there are some good tracks though (After The Devil Beats His Wife, Party Song) but they aren't as good as what Emery got us acustomed to

#27 Protest the Hero- Fortress
Killer Guitar Solos, Amazing and very addictive song, I'm feeling sad I haven't discovered them sooner.
Oh check Wretch

#28 He Is Legend- I Am Hollywood
Detached singing, casual guitars.
Oh I love it, the songs are catchy and very addictive and the screaming part is really nice.

#29 dresden dolls-The Dresden Dolls
Yeah, I've really been obsessed with this record these last days. Girl Anachronism and the Jeep Song are amazing. You can also check Backstabber

#30 Mutemath-MuteMath
They so remind of Mae. I really love their music
Honorable mention for Reset, Chaos, Stare at the Sun and of course Typical

#31 Harry and the Potters - Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock, Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love, Harry and the Potters
Great, great songs and very catchy and ironic. Since I like Harry Potter books I do like Harry and the Potters

#32 I Am The Avalanche - I Am The Avalanche
They remind me of He Is Legend sometimes :)

#33 Agent Sparks - Red Rover
Oh, Indie rock rediscovered, the songs are very catchy on average and the duo singing is very cool. I like the female vocalist and the back vocals. Polly Anne, Make Up Friend and Face The Day rock


  • nplanet

    these are just the best albums you have heard

    Nov 18 2007, 7h25
  • TacoHead

    during the summer of '06 i really liked #2,6 & 8

    Fev 1 2008, 12h44
  • Adthey

    Have you heard The Everglow by Mae? 'Cause I (and most everybody) think is their best best best album by far far far. I'm in love with that album. And Thrice, vheissu and the alchemy index are also great. I will try out flyleaf :)

    Mar 2 2008, 11h45
  • teh_carlitos

    first off, good choices. also, you should check out Colors by Between the Buried and Me, althought it's only 8 songs, it's over 1 hour long. amazing album.

    Abr 18 2008, 14h48
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