Lollapalooza Review 07


Ago 10 2007, 6h07

Finally recovering from last weekend, my third Lollapalooza festival experience there were a lot of things I liked and things that could be worked on.

Daft Punk: They freaking stole the show headlining the first night. Oh man it was something else, I really don't know how to describe it. Here are two French guys in robot/astronaut costumes in the middle of a pyramid that is flashing bright lights playing techno music. Everyone in the crowd was dancing the whole time, it really was something else and they stole a lot of thunder with their live act.

Muse: They played the songs I thought they would, they gave their political rants and stuff, but it just didn't feel as 'tight' as the album. Also its one thing to listen to slower songs at home, after awhile live you want to hear some faster bits...right?

Recap of others real quick: Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, the Wailers, the Roots, Ghostland Observatory (the way their singer danced was hilarious), the Wailers, Phil Erickson and the Explosives, Modest Mouse, and Motion City Soundtrack all put on pretty decent shows. It was a lot of fun, sometimes there was a little down time, rain, aching feet, heat, but overall I had a blast just hanging out over the weekend (plus I played this cool sing star karaoke game). Oh yeah and Yo La Tengo had a great set as well and Pearl Jam finished the weekend on a high note playing their notable songs and everyone singing along.

Things that could be worked on would be - offer more water, and shade to people, it just didn't seem like there was enough and it got HOT. I wouldn't mind if the food prices were lower especially since they don't let you bring anything in thats not 'factory sealed bottle water'. Oh yeah and somehow they have to do a better job of people control. I mean, at least two times I saw these kids (young boys- probably 16-18 yr range) absolutely fucking out of it..stumbling around, tripping, I don't know what. These kids really didn't know how to take care of their friend so they'd just go bump around the crowd upsetting people and came very close to getting beat up. Its there choice to come to these events, but if you are going to get so high or retarded you can't control yourself...and then try in go in the huge pits/crowds....something is wrong with that and they are going to get hurt.

Daft Punk and Pearl Jam definitely stand out above the rest though. Maybe I'll link a few pictures later or go into more detail. Until later........


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