• Question about my top tracks

    Jun 8 2011, 22h11

    SONG 1 Porcupine Tree – Anesthetize
    What comes to mind when you hear this song?
    Today's modern society .
    Rate the singers looks out of 10
    Favourite song by them?

    SONG 2 Kasabian – Underdog
    Best instrument in the song?
    Is it a great single?
    Indie, rock

    SONG 3 Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet
    Would it be good live?
    What's the name of the album?
    Fear of a Blank Planet
    Last word?

    SONG 4 Porcupine Tree – Halo
    Spell it without vowels
    Write the opposite of each word in the title
    What sort of event would you play this song at?
    At a famous Gig venue

    SONG 5 Metallica – Damage, Inc.
    This song heavy or soft?
    Have you seen the artist live?
    How many times have you played this?
    393 times and counting

    SONG 6 Oasis – Rock 'N' Roll Star
    Is it a well known artist?
    How many songs do you have by them?
    Oh I got their albums alright
    How long does it go for?

    SONG 7
    Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes

    Remind you of anything?
    My first song and by this band on a car trip. Good times!
    How would you dance to this?
    I would bang my head to this
    Did you buy it or download it?
    Buy it

    SONG 8 Gorillaz – Kids With Guns
    Name the song something different
    Does it use a riff or a chord progression?
    Just a tasty bass riff
    Rate the album out of 10

    SONG 9 Porcupine Tree – Trains
    How did you learn about this song?
    Just bought the album and the second song after my first track of the album and then BANG! what an amazing track!
    Are there any meaning to the lyrics?
    Hell of alot of meaning to it!
    Favourite part of the song?
    The song!

    SONG 10 Muse – Hysteria
    Seen any dvds of the artists?
    What year was it released?
    1st Dec 2003
    Any explicit lyrics?

    SONG 11 Pendulum – The Fountain (feat. Steven Wilson)
    What would your best friend think of you listening to this song?
    Stoked I guess.
    Any good memories with this song?
    Alot of great moments
    Favourite line?
    I see the sun, Believe the dark.
    Soon I'll disappear, But I'll make my mark.

    SONG 12 Porcupine Tree – Bonnie the Cat
    It comes on the radio, what do you do?
    Die happy!
    Describe the video, and if there's none, make one up.
    Very Tool-ish
    What Mood does it put you in?
    Depressing (In a good way)

    SONG 13 Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss A Beat
    Does it suit the number 13?
    it does
    What would you say to the artist if they were here right now?
    Uhm I dunno
    When would you listen to this song?
    When it's sunny.

    Song 14 Kasabian – L.S.F.
    If you could listen to one more song, would it be this?
    What artist should cover it?
    No one, this song is immaculate
    What do you think of when you hear the name of it?
    PLAY IT!

    Song 15 Supergrass – Pumping On Your Stereo
    Best part?
    The Chorus
    Best lyric?
    Can you hear us Humping on your stereo?
    Worst lyric?

    SONG 16 Kasabian – Fire
    How many times could you listen to it without getting sick of it?
    thousand times not even
    Spell the artist backwards.
    How much would you pay to see it live?
    I don't mind as long as they play it.

    SONG 17 Guano Apes – Big In Japan
    First word?
    Last word?
    Put both in a sentence
    uhm there is winter in Japan?

    Song 18 Hard-Fi – Living for the Weekend
    What does this song make you think about?
    Remind you of any friends?
    What genre best defines the artist?

    SONG 19 Pendulum – Watercolour
    Buy or download?
    What's one thing that could be improved?
    I dunno I think the lyrics could be revamped
    What year was the artist in their prime at?
    2002 - present

    SONG 20 The Futureheads – The Beginning of the Twist
    What part of the song stands out?
    The mood
    How much do you love the artist?
    Has anyone in the band died?
  • Ultimate Surveey

    Jun 8 2011, 15h41

    What is your favorite genre of music?
    Metal and Progressive Rock Electronic on occasion

    Those twos genres are memorable because of my childhood.
    Name your favorite band(s)
    My last fm

    Name your favorite solo artist(s)
    too many to mention

    What is your favorite album?
    My last fm

    What is your favorite album cover?
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

    Name your favorite song(s)
    Too many

    Favorite CD you own
    In Absetnia - Porcupine Tree

    Favorite song on your computer

    Favorite vocalist
    Matt Bellamy from Muse

    Favorite guitarist
    This is frockin tough I really can't call this one tbh waay too many.

    Favorite bassist
    Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Favorite drummer
    Gavin Harrison - Porcupine Tree

    Favorite instrumentalist (any instrument not mentioned above)
    God knows =/

    Favorite classical / jazz composer
    Too many to mention

    The bad stuff

    What's your least favorite genre of music?
    RAP can suck my ass.

    Who's your least favorite band?

    Who's your least favorite solo artist?

    Who do you think is the most annoying musician?
    Bez from Happy Mondays

    If you could shoot any "artist" or "band", who would it be?
    Oh God

    Who do you think is the least talented?

    Least favorite song
    Anything from RAP music =/

    Most annoying song

    Most repetitive song
    There are no repetitive songs in my book.

    Last song to be stuck in your head
    Serpent's Kiss by Symphony X

    Did this survey just get that song stuck in your head again? (sorry)
    No not at all it's a good thing! =]

    Worst band that used to be good?
    There's alot to be honest!

    A good band that used to suck?
    *sighs* Guns' N Roses

    Your musical background

    What was the first music you remember listening to?
    hmm, The Beatles obviously! If I ca remember it was all on vinyl.

    What type of music do your parents listen to?
    Music from my country you call OPM. Its good stuff!

    Do you play any musical instruments, or sing? If so, elaborate.
    Drums, Guitar, Vocals (well it's not really an instrument but I call it my personal instrument! =]] )

    Do you take lessons for instruments or voice? If so, for how long?
    No, I'm Deffo self taught!

    Do you plan to / have you gone to college for music?
    Once but I changed my mind and did business studies. I regret my decision now...
    Who are your musical inspirations?
    Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Steven Wilson and many more!

    Who is your most recent favorite band or artist?

    What styles of music are you interested in learning about?
    Ones with complex lyrics and hooky riffs that send tingles in my spine.

    What styles of music do you already know a lot about?
    I swear I answered the same question?

    Do you know much about musical theory? If not, would you like to?
    Wha?-Wait, who makes up these shit?

    This or that

    Classical or jazz?
    LOVE them both to bits

    Classic rock or modern rock?

    Rock or Rap?
    Neither Fuck this...

    Emo or Punk?

    Funk or Blues?

    Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin?

    Bob Marley or Michael Franti?
    Bod Marley

    Coldplay or Radiohead?

    Guster or Dispatch?

    John Mayer or Jack Johnson?
    Jack Johnson

    Eminem or 50 Cent?
    Cat Power or Florence + The Machine

    Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?
    Fuck Pop! Neither

    Backstreet Boys or N'SYNC?

    The Verve or Garbage?

    The Cars or The Strokes

    The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?

    Radiohead or Oasis?

    Foo Fighters or Social Distortion

    Beethoven or Mozart?
    Ah man! both!

    Rachmaninoff or Debussy?

    Duke Ellington or Count Basie?

    Electric or acoustic?

    Mandolin or ukulele?

    Saxophone or trumpet?


    Why do you like music?
    Coz it's the real meaning of life next to 42.

    When you're angry, what type of music do you listen to?

    Has music ever made you cry? When?
    Never but I almost when Dark Matter by Porcupine Tree first played. A heart warming song indeed!

    What do you listen to when you want to calm down?

    Favourite movie sound track?
    Kill Bill and Some Video game soundtracks

    Has music ever made you laugh? When?
    Weird Al Yankovic

    Do you like local music?
    Of Course!

    What is the best show you have ever been to?
    Reading Festival

    Have you ever played in any shows?

    If so, what type of music was it?
    IT was kind of punk and rock

    Do you enjoy being on stage?

    Do you like to sing, even if you don't consider yourself a singer?
    On occasion.

    If you could meet any musician and ask them for advice, who would it be?
    I have loads in my mind!

    If you could just chill with any musician, who would it be?
    Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth! I would talk to this guy the whole day!

    What instrument that you don't play now would you like to learn next?
    I would like to be a multi-intrumentalist one day. So I would learn to play as many instruments as I can.

    Do you like foreign types of music? If so, what types?
    Yeah, especially Japanese artists and Swedish bands.

    Are any of your friends/family/etc. musicians?
    My relatives

    Do you wear band etc T-shirts?
  • 30 Questions about my top artists

    Jun 7 2011, 21h19

    1. How many albums by 1 do you own?
    Porcupine Tree - I have ALL of the albums from them! EXCEPT for Recordings which I will get this weekend.
    2.What was the first song you ever heard by 20?
    Shellshock by Onslaught.
    3. Who is your favorite song by 3?
    Oh this is a tough one, I'd say it's tie between Master of Puppets and Creeping Death.
    4. How did you get into 11?
    When I was watching formula 1 and the song Richard III by them played. I was intrigued to know more.
    5. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?
    YES On Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz a sets the mood right.
    6. What is your favorite song by 9?
    Megadeth - Another tough one but I'd say Hangar 18.
    7. What is a good memory you have involving 7?
    Muse - LOTS 1 word: festivals. =]
    8. Is there a song 8 that makes you happy?
    Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over of course!
    9. How many times have you seen 15 live?
    Blur - Unfortunately not! but I will try.
    10. What is the first song you ever heard by 10?
    Breath by The Prodigy when I was young!
    11. What is your favorite song by 17?
    Silent Voices Kill by Madina Lake.
    12. Who is a favorite member of 12?
    Mikey Way
    13. Have you ever seen 4 live?
    Kasabian - Glastonbury 2009
    14. What is a good memory involving 14?
    When it was literally traffic and Traffic song played.
    15. What is your favorite song by 19?
    The Cave by Mumford & Sons. Masterpiece!
    16. What is your favorite album by 16?
    Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia by The Dandy Warhols
    17. What is your favorite song by 13?
    LOL Game OST - I'd say Gene's Theme on Metal Gear Portable Ops Soundtrack
    18. What the first song you ever heard by 1?
    Sound of Muzak by Porcupine Tree deffo! Good times good times!
    19. What is your favorite album by 2?
    Pendulum's Hold Your Colour
    20. What is your favorite lyrical song by 19?
    Dust Bowl Dance - Mumford & Sons great lyrics!
    21. What is your favorite lyric by 1?
    I got wiring loose inside my head
    I got books that I never, ever read
    I got secrets in my garden shed
    I got a scar where all my urges bled
    I got people underneath my bed
    I got a place where all my dreams are dead
    Swim with me into your blackest eyes

    Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree End OF.
    22. Do you know all the lyrics to 25?
    Not all of their songs.
    23. s there a song by 22 that makes you angry?
    24. Who is your favorite member of 1?
    Steven Wilson, he's the MAN!
    25. How did you get into 28?
    While I was watching Kerrang! and the music video Indestructible by Disturbed showed, it was the best moment so far!
    26. Do you have any bad experience involving 8?
    Florence? nil so far for me!
    27. What is the worst song by 28?
    Nothing. Their worst song are their best songs!
    28. Is there a song by 21 that you can dance to?
    Junkie XL - Hmmm tough, i'd choose Today by them.
    29. Is there a song by 18 that you can go running to?
    A tie between Ace of Spades and Overkill by Motörhead
    30. Is there a song by 24 that feels good when you play it?
    7 Days in the Sun by Feeder. A proper feel good song!
    *BONUS QUESTION* 31. Is there a song by 30 that you play during long car trips?
    Deffo The Rocker by Thin Lizzy! \m/