36 Crazyfists brings fists to the air. Crazily. Electric Ballroom, Friday 13th March.


Mar 15 2009, 22h19

Fri 13 Mar – 36 Crazyfists, Poison the Well, Gwen Stacy

Fucking impressive gig, I must admit. 36 Crazyfists at the Electric Ballroom on Friday 13th March - One of the most insane metal gigs I've ever been to.
So how should I start off - the first band, naturally.

The first band wasn't quite well known apart from a few nodding heads and a few sing-alongers. This band were called Gwen Stacy.

Very clever song writing in this young band, I must say. Powerful, energetic, but I couldn't help feel that they were a bit to generic on stage, despite mad headbangs by the lead singer, the guitarist, etc.
But the band didn't fail to impress me. Displaying a wide range of talents ranging from the vocalists fierce roars and growls to the bassist's clean and smooth vocals, the band did enough to get the crowd moving for the next band.

Poison the Well.

I have to say, it was pretty hardcore, it was pretty immense, it was pretty intense. I loved the breakdowns, I loved the solos and I moshed and headbanged even though I didn't know any words, but I loved it, enough to persuade me to buy a CD. Oh, and the guitarist looked like he was having fun:

The music carried out a great sense of hardcore, with a few guys busting out a few hardcore dancing moves in the pits behind me, it got me sweating by the end of their set.

By this point, I was really fuelled. Filled with the hardcore energy that was Poison the Well, I couldn't wait for the next band. Half the venue was already filled with sweaty, topless moshers and I already found myself at the bar desperately trying to get my breath back.

After a happy karaoke of The Boys Are Back in Town, prompted by the god old DJs of Electric Ballroom, mammoth metallers 36 Crazyfists waltzed on stage:

Brock had a huge, massive grin on his beardy face. Starting off with old classics from the A Snow Capped Romance album, they threw their sound into the stage, giving it all they have. I don't have this album, but from what I could see, most of the fans here were crazy veterans, moshing and rocking and tearing the place apart. It was only until half way threw the set they decided to chuck in some newer songs, with the brutal riffs of All the Night Lights and the harsh breakdowns ofVast And Vague, The 'fists literally punched the air out of the venue and sent the whole room rocking and swaying, obviously like The Tide And Its Takers would. near the end, they got a fan up on stage to sing Destroy The Map, and everyone gave him kudos. I like it when bands do this, shows they actually believe the younger generation have talent.

Their set, as commented by many, ended abruptly short leaving many disappointed when the lights switched off. Thankfully, the 40-strong shouting of "crazyfists" constantly was too much for the band, and they got on stage to do an encore, a song that I had been waiting for all night. this was probably planned: Slit Wrist Theory.

I went absolutely nuts. Everyone went bonkers. My neck ached when the song finished. it was amazing. The only thing that left me a bit disheartened was the fact that they didn't play any songs from Bitterness the Star, which is my favourite album. Still, great night, great music.

I would agree as many have said, the set was incredibly short, but with a 9.45 curfew, what could they do? at least they gave the audience their all, their energy, and their inspiration.

Photos: http://s69.photobucket.com/albums/i69/pointofgravity/36%20Crazyfists%20at%20Electric%20Ballroom%20Friday%2013th%20Mar/[


  • static266

    Good review man, what's the password for the photo album?

    Mar 16 2009, 15h50
  • gravitypoint

    Ah shoot, sorry, I'll take the password off.

    Mar 16 2009, 17h09
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