Demo week


Out 5 2006, 19h32

Next week I'm going to listen to mostly demos/Ep's. As of now I'm planning on the following bands:
Nirvana 2002 (Swe), Crematory (the Swedish one not the flamboyant German one), Demigod, Necropsy, Possessed, Demolition Hammer, Altar, Cartilage, Carnage, Deathrash, Necrovore, Hellpreacher,Coroner, Vio-Lence, Death, Evoken, Mortem, Exumer, Funebre, Heathen, Witchfinder General, The House of Usher (for some reason recorded on here with "the" in the title, don't know what moron decided to do that), Mythic, Derketa, Nihilist, Obtruncation, Paramaecium, Sabbat, Satan, Unholy, Cadaver, Pestilence, Demilich, Gorement, Interment, Funebrarum, Megaslaughter, Merciless, Ripping Corpse, Order From Chaos, Hellhammer, Obscurity, Gorelust, Funeral Bitch, Convulse, Confessor, Nocturnus, R.A.V.A.G.E., Atheist, Dismember, Raped Ape, Suffocation (Ger), Suffocation, Bathym, Votary, Protector, Repulsion, Genocide, Rottrevore, Phlegm, NECROPSYA, Pentagram, Carnifex, festerday, Fatal, Asphyx, Treblinka, Utumno, Savage Death, Devastation (the one from Illinois).

Thats all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure I'll think of plenty more next week. Any recommendations are welcome as long as they are along the lines of these ones. If you're unsure, chances are it isn't.


  • gravesofrebirth

    Good stuff. I had a Grave demo but lost it. I need some Corpse.

    Out 7 2006, 18h03
  • IronGrave

    Killer fucking list, man. I'll recommend Abhoth, Belsebub and Macrodex. \m/ \m/

    Out 8 2006, 8h20
  • gravesofrebirth

    Thanks - I forgot about Macrodex, been awhile since I listened to them. Don't have any demos of Abhoth or Belsebub, but I'll see if I can find them.

    Out 8 2006, 15h30
  • ylside87

    Man, I don't know if you know Dark Millennium's demo 'Of Sceptre Their ashes may be' but this is like the best thing I've heard... I would like to know your opinion on it if you heard it.

    Out 17 2006, 23h39
  • gravesofrebirth

    Its a good demo - Germany seems to have had good death metal bands in the past; Atrocity, Lemming Project, Immortalis, Dark Millennium, etc. They seem pretty difficult to find though.

    Out 18 2006, 5h39
  • ylside87

    yeah, one english woman ripped it off for me in another website... I could never find it in any peer to peer program. Gorement got pretty awesome demo tracks aswell!. I have one question, I downloaded two Macrodex demos long ago and they had AWFUL quality (I mean, REALLY AWEFUL even for a demo, couldn't make the difference between cymbals and guitar distortion), is the demo like that or did I download a badly ripped one ?

    Out 18 2006, 19h16
  • gravesofrebirth

    Which demo is it? I have the Infernal Excess demo and while the quality isn't amazing, it certainly isn't that bad.

    Out 18 2006, 23h44
  • ylside87

    Same, Infernal Excess and maybe Disgorged To Carrion. I don't really remember exactly (deleted them both after being traumatized lol) I'll try to redownload them from another source.

    Out 19 2006, 10h57
  • gravesofrebirth

    Yeah I'd say give it another shot, probably was a poor rip with a low bitrate or something.

    Out 19 2006, 14h17
  • vonbulletbelt

    I'm with Varoth here, DR SHRINKER!

    Fev 1 2007, 20h14
  • NSBMer

    Good list. Now I can think of Rippikoulu, Death Strike, Sadistic Intent, Mordicus

    Ago 29 2008, 18h44
  • cep_bojowy

    Check out Rommel - Rommel - Vol 1 demo. Great power/thrash.

    Set 6 2009, 12h34
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