Dilemma/Future Events + BSS EDIT


Nov 1 2006, 16h11

First of all, I looooooove this new 'Events' feature.

#2: My friends really want to see Panic! at the Disco. My little brother would also love to see them. I DO NOT. But Bloc Party's opening!! Should I really spend $30 to see Bloc Party and sit through the main act?

Bloc Party
Friends going = ride + food + entertainment

Panic! at the Disco


#3 I'm hitting the new Carnival Center to see Aïda next Tuesday. (Itzhak Perlman will be there in March. Who's coming with??)

#4 Let's not forget about Broken Social Scene. Now that I confirmed a ride, tickets are no longer available online. MOTHERFUCK. We'll see how this turns out- I don't want to drive an hour to the venue and not have a ticket. Hmm...

EDIT: I was able to get into the Culture Room to see BSS last night!! WOOOOO!

Too bad I could only stay for half(?) the set. Ft Lauderdale is a long drive from Miami. And on a weekday? H8.

Setlist (courtesy of jtsarge):

Jimmy and the Photocall
7/4 (Shoreline)
Fire Eye'd Boy
Cause = Time
Stars and Sons
Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
(This is where I had to leave. I should've stayed an extra 10 minutes for Almost Crimes!!)
Major Label Debut
Almost Crimes
Lover's Spit
It's All Gonna Break
Kc Accidental


  • p33x

    Bloc Party is opening for Panic! At the Disco? That's sad. And backwards. I'd save the cash for the next time Bloc Party comes around as a headliner... By that time, Panic's fifteen minutes will have worn away.

    Nov 1 2006, 17h10
  • idlehands

    How on earth is it that Block party is [i]opening[/i] for P!ATD. Ugh.

    Nov 2 2006, 14h29
  • got_edge

    What's with the k? Get the fuck out. [quote]Bloc Party is opening for Panic! At the Disco? That's sad. And backwards.[/quote] For real. It makes me want to cry.

    Nov 2 2006, 14h54
  • idlehands

    lmao I blame 1:30am. MEA CULPA. :*(

    Nov 2 2006, 15h16
  • idlehands

    Only half the set? Aw, that sucks. Yeah, all the places where I see concerts are not very close to public transport at all, which is bad if your dad doesn't let you borrow the car. Sigh.

    Nov 2 2006, 15h18
  • TheEdgeFan

    Don't support P!ATD pls. Or if you go, at least boo at them and throw bottles to get thrown out.

    Nov 3 2006, 18h18
  • got_edge

    I might wear a shirt that says I'm only here to see Bloc Party and then leave :hmm: Why is that icon of Penny all messed up?

    Nov 4 2006, 14h07
  • iamthepinky

    that is almost EXACTLY the same as the set BSS played in Birmingham.

    Nov 12 2006, 4h12
  • p33x

    Not sure when you were planning on trying to catch this tour, but I guess the band made your decision for you. Did you read about the drummer? Guess we'll all have to wait a few more months! :(

    Nov 14 2006, 12h23
  • got_edge

    The Panic/Bloc Party show was last week and I ended up not going. Probably a good choice- I'll try to catch Bloc Party some other time. What happened to which drummer?

    Nov 14 2006, 14h44
  • p33x

    They had to cancel their entire tour! Apparently one of he guy's lungs collapsed. How much would that suck? :/

    Nov 14 2006, 20h16
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